Our main worry was collections, says Aruvi producer SR Prabhu

Aruvi is directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman and has debutante Aditi Balan playing the lead role.

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Our main worry was collections, says Aruvi producer SR Prabhu

Aruvi, a film that was less heard of a week before, is grabbing a lot of attention because of its content mainly. Directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman, Aruvi has debutante Aditi Balan playing the lead role and is said to be a social-drama. The film is produced by S.R.Prabhu under the banner Dream Warrior Pictures. Speaking to a leading daily, S.R.Prabhu spoke about what drove him to bankroll Aruvi and what challenges films like these befre the release. “Good films don’t come to you all the time. Nobody would want to miss a good movie. We didn’t want to miss Aruvi due to financial reasons. Our main worry was collections. How big an audience do we have for films that extremely unconventional, like this one. We didn’t have an answer back then,” S.R.Prabhu told Indian Express in an interview.

Speaking about the choice of his production house of choosing atypical subjects as their films, Prabhu says, “It is a conscious decision. If you create a brand, later that will give you a lot of value addition. When you start working on a particular type of content, the brand automatically gets created.”

S.R.Prabhu also says that a producer has to balance between high budget and small budget films, and cannot stick to one format always. “It has to be a mix and match. If you constantly produce small movies, you won’t be able to package them properly. So having big budget movies in your kitty becomes an advantage then. There are times when people buy small films because the company has another big movie in the pipeline; not because of the content or the production company. Their idea is that the film will definitely release, even if it faces problems. Also if the small film doesn’t do well, they can ask for a better price in the upcoming bigger project. Business doesn’t support only content always, there are many factors involved,” S.R.Prabhu added further.

Speaking about the elements he looks before agreeing to bankroll a project, S.R.Prabhu says,”First thing, we should definitely like the script as soon as we hear it. Second, we should know why this movie is being made. No one should later ask us why we made that movie. Third, how does it translate in terms of money? What is the money generation value of the subject the film talks about and is the budget within that range.”

S.R.Prabhu is the treasurer of Tamil Film Producers’ Council and has been looking at the efforts put in by the council from close quarters towards the development of Tamil cinema. “The beginning to all these issues is non-transparency. When the system gets computerised, the industry will get a white-wash. There are people with vested interests who will keep blocking it so that they can earn more. The entire industry should adapt to a newer outlook or the government has to intervene. It is a revenue loss for the government as well. But what the government should do is give us the correct way to implement the tax system when they introduce new one. If they computerise tickets, it would be the best thing the government can do for the industry in recent times. Nothing else can change the industry,” Prabhu adds further.

Speaking about the piracy bug, S.R.Prabhu says,”With time piracy should reduce significantly, thanks to the extraordinary influence of digital media. The solution is to make content accessible to everyone in the shortest time possible through several channels. It is tough to kill piracy. There are people who steal for need, and others who do it for greed. It is tough to transform the latter but we will find ways to compete with them.”

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