MERSAL producer Hema Rukmani: It was a treat to watch Vijay improvise on sets

One of the producers of Sri Thenandal Film, Hema Rukmani, speaks about Thalapathy Vijay and MERSAL at length.

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MERSAL producer Hema Rukmani: It was a treat to watch Vijay improvise on sets

Producers of Vijay’s MERSAL, Sri Thenandal Films, released the first look and title of the look of the film on the eve of the superstar’s birthday. The response from the admirers of Thalapathy Vijay was spectacular and social media was abuzz with MERSAL. Interestingly, MERSAL will be 100th film of Sri Thenandal Films and the producers seem quite elated with this fact.

Talking to a news agency, one of the producers – Hema Rukmani – revealed details about how it was shooting with Vijay and the whole experience. ” Most people look at Vijay as a ‘mass actor.’ But, I’ve seen him perform. He’s an outstanding actor. I’ve noticed a lot of things during shooting. His sense of continuity is brilliant. He will know even the minutest details like where and how he kept his hand or leg during a particular shot,” says Hema about Thalapathy Vijay.

Talking about Vijay’s focus while shooting, Hema says,” Whether the assistant director remembers or not, he will know. I had the great joy of watching him improvise. In the whole Europe schedule, I was there every day on set. So, I could see him improvise, and it’s a treat. He has a charm of him which crosses borders and boundaries.”

Vijay 61: Titled Mersal, first look poster of the film is out now
Thalapathy Vijay in MERSAL

Having Vijay as the lead actor in their 100th film, the producer seems to be pretty elated about it. “Having Vijay in our 100th film is a great blessing. It’s come out so well. I was quite stunned after seeing some shots. If you already love him, you will love him even more after watching the film. Three-fourths of the movie is complete,” adds Hema.

Praising director Atlee for his ability to be able to judge the pulse of viewers, Hema says,” I think his forte is dialogues. Even an experienced Tamil writer wouldn’t be able to grasp audience’s pulse as he does. There’s a difference between making films in a grandeur way and grandly showcasing your movie on the screen. He is good at giving a visual treat, and I think it comes from his mentor ace filmmaker Shankar.”



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