Mirnalini Ravi Dubsmashes into Tamil film industry

The actress is making her debut in a film that will be directed by Suresh Kumar

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Mirnalini Ravi Dubsmashes into Tamil film industry

As they say, it is tough to get a breakthrough in films is it in any aspect of it. But these days the resources to be connected with films and stay in the radar of filmmakers are too many. Dubsmash being one of them. Dubsmash allows you to enact a scene of your favourite artist and post it on social media. There are many Dubsmash artists across Indian and social media is filled with exclusive pages for them. This prevails more in South India since the admiration for the stars is at a different level here.

One such Dubsmash artist is Mirnalini Ravi, who is very famous in South Indian film circles. The surprising element with Mirnalini is that she shot to fame very fastly. In less than few months, her following became very huge. And the great news for her is that she has been offered a film in Tamil and Mirnalini has accepted the offer with open arms.

Speaking to a leading daily about this, Mirnalini said, “This is a travel movie and the problems I encounter when I embark on a journey is what the film is about. Till date, I didn’t give much thought about the fact that I am the only person acting in the film. I play an IT employee and enjoy the process of filmmaking. To me, it is more like Dubsmash because I don’t have any co-star — but this time it is for the big screen.”

Not being able to sink in the fact that she has been offered a film, Mirnalini added, “I still work for an IT firm and I balance my shooting schedule accordingly. Within two months into ‘Dubsmashing’, I received big offers, but I couldn’t take it up then. Acting was always my passion, but by my parents were uncertain of my future in films. So, it took me time to convince them and when I did, Nagal came my way.”

Now, that’s an interesting way of making an entry into films.

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