Namitha on life after marriage: My in-laws don’t force me to wear sindoor on my forehead

She also said that nothing much has changed for her in life even after marriage.

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Namitha and Veer on their wedding day

A few days ago, for ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ contestant Namitha tied the knot with boyfriend Veer and added a new dimension to her life. During a recent chat with a leading daily, she opened up about life post marriage and said that nothing much has changed. She added that she is lucky that her in-laws don’t force her to wear Sindoor and Saris.

“Not at all; except for the thaali and the toe rings, nothing has really changed. People who know me know that I feel uncomfortable with any kind of neckpiece. So, wearing these signs of marriage is very different. But touchwood, my husband and in-laws don’t pressure me into succumbing to norms. They don’t force me to wear sindoor on my forehead or say that I should only wear sari because I’m a married woman,” she added.

Interestingly, at times, one’s marital affects the type of roles that are offered to her. Talking about this, she said that her social life is not governed by her profession and she had no qualms about marrying Veer.

“I have had three heartbreaks, so I know how important it is to find the right person with whom you can lead your life. When I met him and he wanted to get married, I found no reason to delay it. In fact, if he hadn’t proposed to me, I would have asked him to marry me sooner or later,” added Namitha.

Well, we are happy that Namitha is enjoying married and hope that she stays happy for a long time to come.

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    what a sad statement. First thought is what century is she living in that her in-laws can force her to do anything- but then you remember, its this century INdia. Even the photo with her head down like that is depressing to look at. Look life in the eye woman!

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