Nearly Rs 600 Crores spent on 2.0, says Rajinikanth about Shankar directorial

The trailer of superstar Rajinikanth's forthcoming multilingual science-fiction action drama "2.0" was unveiled on Saturday at a grand event in Chennai.

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Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest pillars of 2.0, says director Shankar

The trailer of superstar Rajinikanth’s forthcoming multilingual science-fiction action drama “2.0” was unveiled on Saturday at a grand event in Chennai. The trailer launch was attended by Akshay Kumar, director Shankar, AR Rahman and others. A sequel to Shankar’s 2010 blockbuster “Enthiran”, the film has been produced by Lyca Productions and is gearing for release on November 29. “2.0” also stars Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and Sudhanshu Pandey in important roles.

Speaking at the trailer launch, Rajinikanth said the film has been made on a lavish budget of nearly Rs. 600 crore. “Mark my words, the film will be a super hit. Advance wishes to Shankar and Lyca Productions. Nearly Rs. 600 crore has been spent on the film. The film wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Lyca,” Rajinikanth said.

He said that the makers spent lavishly on the film for the vision of Shankar. “This is not a Rajinikanth film. The money has been spent on one man Shankar, who has never failed to entertain audiences. This is his vision and I laud Lyca Productions for backing him,” he added.

In the film, Rajinikanth plays a scientist and a robot. Speaking on the occasion, Shankar said audience will see Rajinikanth in multiple avatars and it’ll be a treat to watch. “Audiences will see him as scientist Vaseegaran, robot Chitti and 2.0 version of Chitti. There will also be a giant version of Chitti in the climax. We also have another version but we’d like to keep that as a surprise,” he said.

Shankar raved about Rajinikanth’s commitment. “When we were all set to shoot the climax in a stadium in Delhi, Rajini sir fell ill. Six months of planning had gone into the preparation of the climax which was supposed to be shot in 40 days. Despite his bad health, Rajini sir insisted that we go ahead with the shoot,” Shankar said.

“We shot in extremely hot temperature. Rajini sir had to shoot wearing 12-kilo robotic suit. We were stunned by his commitment,” he added.
“2.0”, which will release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, has music by AR Rahman.

Source: IANS


    Shameless makers if that much money has been wasted in making a movie. It almost equals 6 billion dollars.


    Hahaha really?


    Ridiculous trailer and outlandish claims! Even mobile games are more realistic… Where else do we glorify such cr@p other than India.


    Ridiculous film. Outlandish claims! I feel ashamed to watch such c£#p…


    Going by Rajinikanth’s last outing – Robot and its insipid reception , i will reserve my comments on this extravagent film .


    seriusly…video game scenes are more realiatic than this cartoonish vfx…amazed at such non sense concept and waste of money…


    The money was spent where??????????
    VFX are just cartoonish


    Shame on such actors, directors and producers who spend that much of money in making movies when 872 million people across the world are below the poverty line!!


    And the vfx is still crap….waste of money

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