Never made even a cup of coffee for him, he doesn’t expect either: Jyothika about Suriya

On a talk show, Jyothika opened up about her rapport with lovely hubby Suriya

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Suriya Sivakumar

Are you a fan of the much-loved Jyothika? If yes then get ready to celebrate as we have some awesome news in store for you. The lovely lady recently appeared on Anbudhan DD’s talk show and opened up about her rapport with hubby Suriya. She said that the superstar is a very caring and protective husband.

“I’ve never made even a cup of coffee for him, but then he’s never expected me to make it either,” she added.

Moreover, she revealed that she always knew that he would make a good husband and that is why she married him.

“That is why I married him. He was always like that, which is why I married him. I’ve known many people, school…work…but I’ve never met anyone like him,” she said.

Well, these are some sweet revelations and are bound to make Jyothika and Suriya’s fans go aww!

Interestingly, during the chat, Jyothika also opened up about her idea of .love and said that it is all about ‘selfless’ thinking.

“It’s about being selfless, thinking more about what the other person needs rather than what you need…giving your partner more place than yourself, that is love,” said Jo.

In case you did not know, Jyothika and Suriya tied the in 2006 and began a new chapter in life. The two have a daughter and a son. They have worked together in seven films till now. Some of the most notable ones include ‘Kaakha Kaakha’  and ‘Maayavi’.

So, did you like Jyothika’s answers? Comments, please!


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    Anybody pls don’t speak rubbish​ about the best couple inthe world …. I love Surya a lot


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    He sounds like a great guy.


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    God bless these two… they are the best couple in Indian film industry

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