I was not sure if the audience will accept me in Tamil, says Nivin Pauly about Richie

Richie will be his debut film in Tamil cinema where the 'Premam' actor enjoys a huge following.

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Actor Nivin Pauly will be seen in a Tamil film Richie which is a remake of the Kannada hit film Ulidavaru Kandante. The remake is directed by Nivin’s friend Gautham Ramachandran. Nivin also has couple of Malayalam films up his sleeve but, to his fans, Richie is the eye-catcher and the focus is one this film since its announcement. And much to the joy of the actor and his admirers, Richie will be his debut film in Tamil where he enjoys a huge following. “When I saw the Kannada version, I loved the character. I have never done a role of this sort before and the role is very interesting,” Nivin Pauly told Chennai Times speaking about the film.

Shooting for Richie was an ‘overwhelming’ experience, says Shraddha Srinath

The guy is a rowdy, has negative shades, is also the hero, he is just complex, overall. I liked that and thought the script had a lot of scope for improvisation and we will could give it a try. The biggest challenge was to do this in Tamil. If it was Malayalam, I could have easily pulled it off. I always asked Gautham if we could do the movie in Malayalam instead. I didn’t want the language to be a barrier and the audience shouldn’t find it to be out of place. But I think we have managed,” Nivin said further.

A working still from Nivin Pauly’s Richie

Speaking about the film Richie, Nivin says he is confident that it will do well and speaking about it, he says, “I am not nervous because I watched the film and I am happy with the way it has shaped up. People will not come out of the theatre and say, ‘Yenna da idhu mockai padam’. I am sure of that. I don’t know how successful the movie will be — whether they will connect with the character or with the film. But I liked it a lot and it will be a different experience in the theatre. The background, the treatment, music have come out quite well.”

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