Oviya is nicer than a lot of other people in the house, says Bigg Boss Tamil winner Aarav

Aarav also shared how tough it was inside the house to stay focused and not break down few tasks.

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After winning the title of the First Season of Bigg Boss Tamil, Aarav is currently the talk of the town in Tamil film circles. The actor was voted the winner despite tough competition from rest of the contestants. Speaking out for the first time after coming out of the Bigg Boss house, Aarav speaks about how he had to stay focused and determined inside the house and about his episode with Oviya.

I didn’t expect things to get serious. She is a brilliant person. In fact, Oviya is nicer than a lot of other people in the house. She exudes positivity and is good-hearted. Sometimes, she would do things that irritated others and that’s why she was nominated week after week. But we would wonder how she was not getting evicted. Only when I came out, I realised the kind of a fan following she has. When the whole issue was going on, I wanted to just get out of the house. But if that had happened, I would have been the bad guy. So, I had to play the game and win it. I am thankful to God that I won it,” Aarav told Chennai Times.

Aarav also spoke how tough it was inside the house since the game was all about patience and determination. “There were times when I wanted to break down because the aim of the game is to test your patience and see how you succumb to pressure. If you can manage that, you can scrape through. The last few weeks were very terrible. The tasks were getting difficult. We were mentally and physically drained. To have been able to cross all this has been a great learning experience for me,” added Aarav.

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