Photo: Hey Ram co-stars Shahrukh Khan and Kamal Haasan reunite after 18 years in this picture

Shahrukh Khan and Kamal Haasan acted together, the only time, in Hey Ram which was a fictional-political story.

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One is the Badshah of Bollywood and the other is the Nayagayan of Tamil cinema. The two of them had joined hands for a film called Hey Ram which was released in 2000 which directed by the Tamil star. Shahrukh Khan and Kamal Haasan acted together, the only time, in Hey Ram which was a fictional-political story. While Kamal Haasan played the role of Saket Ram Iyengar, the protagonist in the drama, Shahrukh Khan played Amjad Ali Khan who plays his pillar of strength at one point in the film. And since then, SRK and Kamal Haasan haven’t acted together and are not often spotted too. But now the two actors, Shahrukh Khan and Kamal Haasan, catch up at the meeting with Christopher Nolan and the two posed for a picture which is precious than gold. SRK and Kamal Haasan looked happy to pose for the picture and the bonding between the two seemed to be the same as 18 years ago in Hey Ram.

Earlier, Christopher Nolan kicked off his visit by meeting celebrated actors like Kamal Haasan and the two had a long conversation during their meet. Kamal Haasan took to Twitter and posed a picture of himself with Nolan and said that he apologized to the Dunkirk director for watching the film in digital form. Kamal Haasan also mentioned that he was surprised to know that Christopher Nolan had watched his Paapanasam. Kamal also gifted him a digital copy of his most acclaimed film – Hey Ram. Mr.Haasan was also accompanied by renowned cinematographers Ravi K Chandran and Santosh Sivan. “Met Mr.Christopher Nolan. Apologized for seeing Dunkirk in the digital format and in return am sending Hey Ram in digital format for him to see. Was surprised to know he had seen Paapanaasam,” wrote Kamal Haasan on his Twitter handle.


    Title shud have been Hey Ram costars Kamal Hassan and Sharukhan…bcoz Kamal is much more senior…a great inspiration for all the bollywood heroes including SRK and a living legend


    Oh no now he is a redhead, stop coloring your hair, doesn’t stay the same, go natural


    AWESOME pics!! Ulaganayagan living up to his name.

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