Photo: Oviya meets Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan after opting out and social media erupts out of joy

Oviya is said to have revealed the reason to Kamal Hasan why she opted out of the show and the episode will be aired today.

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Bigg Boss Tamil: PIL filed against the show; Oviya to meet Kamal Haasan after opting out

After news broke out that Bigg Boss Tamil popular contestant Oviya has opted out of the show citing stress as the reason, there was a huge furor on social media with message by the fans of the actress on social media. The social media was divided on this decision of Oviya with few saying she did the right thing, while few said that she had the potential to win the title and could have stayed for a but long. All said and done, the actress has now moved out of the house and today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil will have Oviya meeting host Kamal Haasan and revealing the reason why she did so.

A photo is going viral on social media which has Oviya speaking with Kamal Haasan on the show and seems to be from the shooting of this episode in which Oviya is expected to meet Kamal Haasan. Oviya seems to be quite relaxed and in a calm mood in this picture while Kamal Haasan seems to be inquiring on her decision to quit.

Photo: Oviya meets Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan after opting out and social media erupts out
Oviya meets Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan after opting out and social media erupts out

Oviya is said to have discussed about many things with host Kamal Haasan today and spoken about her situation. Apparently, Oviya, distressed, jumped into the swimming pool inside the house and was helped out by other contestants in the house. Reports are doing rounds that Oviya might not come back on the show and is currently under a lot of stress. Oviya was considered to be one of the strong lead runners for the Bigg Boss title in the first episode of the reality show.


    Oviya created stress unnecessarily for herself due to her immaturity n arrogance.yes, she could have been cool n shown her talents n charm in good light instead of being defiant n rude which forced others to be wary n stay away-any self-respecting person would..she is so sarcastic n mighty n says ” sing …u all act..must have sense….i wont do this..who r u to say.. ..” it is not dare devil attitude or openess or modern but plain disregard n disrespect to people n the programme.she lost a chance n puts the blame on the episode she jumped into water she said ” to escape i have an idea but i wont share..” all the inmates went out of the way n helped her but what has she done in return – did not even wave out when leaving.barani too like her, imagined things about others and wanted others to come to him-this was wrong- in any group or family there must be genuine interaction, give n take n conformance to rules!one cannot humiliate others n defy rules or point fingers n demand just because u r cool brave n egoistic n above all glamourous-rules r rules even in the game of life!u can glorify a person or appreciate but no one is inevitable or irreplaceable!if anyone has said something to her she has said multifold n hurt them too-behind her smile n acting innocent there is hurt n scheme planned n ready!no regrets -a learning experience. Big Boss handled it very well-hope if necessary,new people join but no need for 2nd chance to anyone not worthy (to quote her) n pay her in /her own coin!let her learn n mature with time n give up her eccentric behaviour with absolutely no concern for others-it is said ‘no man is an island’. Wish her good luck in this venture n also peace n happiness n worthy existence for the other inmates in the Big Boss house!!everydrop makes the ocean n surely each person must be given his due whatever it is coz the show is not only for/ of a single person n will go on n on…!with a bang..why not??!

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