Premam director Alphonse Puthren wants Kamal Haasan to be the CM of Tamil Nadu

The Premam director posted a sweet message on his social networking page and expressed his thoughts.

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Premam director Alphonse Puthren wants Kamal Haasan to be the CM of Tamil Nadu

Actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan has a huge following not just for his acting, dancing and film-making skills, but also for his outspoken nature. The Viswaroopam actor has many a times stood up against certain issues and voiced out his opinion – be in in favour or against them. The ongoing issue about the taxes on cinema tickets is a testimonial to his outspoken attitude.

The actor took a firm stand about the issue and said that it becomes very difficult for filmmakers in Tamil Nadu to make business if the proposed tax structure is implemented. The actor even gave an official statement through the media today and said that it is a deliberate attempt to cause damage to the film industry in Tamil Nadu.

While all this was happening, one filmmaker from Malayalam cinema had a fan moment on social media when he expressed his wish he has for Kamal Haasan. Premam director, Alphonse Puthren, posted a message on his Facebook page and said that he wishes to see Kamal Haasan become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for one day as shown in Shankar’s Mudhalvan.

If there is a option like in mudhalvan film…to appoint a chief minister for one day . I think Kamal Hassan should be given one day for caring Tamil Nadu . Just one day would do . I hope it happens soon. He would take government to next level with his innovative ideas. This is just my wish . Please forgive this child if I said something wrong,” wrote Alphonse Puthren.

Well, we wonder what Kamal Haasan would say about this?

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