Raai Laxmi is elegance personified in this still from Neeya 2

Raai Laxmi gorgeous new avatar is a treat for the eyes in this new still from Neeya 2.

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Raai Laxmi is elegance personified in this still from Neeya 2

Raai Laxmi is elegance personified in this still from Neeya 2

The charming Raai Laxmi is arguably one of the most popular young stars in Kollywood today. And, now, there is some good news in store for her supporters. In an exciting development, the diva just took to Insta and shared a still from Neeya 2 with her well-wishers. In it, she can be seen in an ethereal new avatar that she does full justice to. Her shy expressions and classy body language gel with the look and up its recall value in a big way. The scenic surroundings too add new life to the still. That’s how you make an impact!

In case you did not know, Neeya 2 is a thriller and—contrary to perception—is not a sequel to Neeya. In it, Raai Laxmi will be seen alongside Jai. Sometime ago, she had said that she will be seen in the ‘Naagin’ look here.

Neeya 2 has elements of fantasy, thriller, love, etc. This, too, is a ‘snake film’ like the yesteryear flick. I will be seen in three appearances in the movie; one among them will have a ‘naagin’ look. All the three heroines in the movie appear in different time periods — present, past and future. However, I have combination scenes with the other two,” she had told a daily.

On a related note, 2017 was a pretty eventful year for Raai Laxmi. She made her Bollywood debut with Julie 2 and added a brand new dimension to her career. In it, she played bold/glam character and set the screen on fire with her lovemaking scenes. Talking about its hot scenes, she had said that they were an integral part of the script.

“Basically, it is a story of an actress and her life. It required certain kinds of glam scenes, which are justified in the film. I knew about it even before the film started. The film’s message is loud — if a girl has to achieve in life, she has to meet and confront a lot of men,” she had said.

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