Raai Laxmi and Jai make a lovely pair in this new still from Neeya 2

Raai Laxmi and Jai can be seen having some fun in the water in this latest still from Neeya 2.

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Raai Laxmi and Jai make a lovely pair in this new still from Neeya 2

Raai Laxmi and Jai make a lovely pair in this new still from Neeya 2

If you are a fan of the much-loved Raai Laxmi, then get ready to rejoice as we have some terrific news for you. As it so happens, a new still from her next big release Neeya 2 is creating a buzz amongst movie buffs for all the right reasons. In it, she can be seen chilling in the water with co-star Jai. And, as expected, she looks lovely. Her smile is quite infectious and ups the coolness quotient of the still in a big way. Her subdued chemistry with Jai too is hard-to-miss. The two do indeed make one fine pair and it will be nice seeing them on the big screen.

Interestingly, Neeya 2 is not a sequel to the yesteryear hit Neeya but belongs to the same genre. Sometime ago, Raai Laxmi had said that she will be donning the ‘Naagin look’ in this one.

Neeya 2 has elements of fantasy, thriller, love, etc. This, too, is a ‘snake film’ like the yesteryear flick. I will be seen in three appearances in the movie; one among them will have a ‘naagin’ look. All the three heroines in the movie appear in different time periods — present, past and future. However, I have combination scenes with the other two,” she had told a daily.

On a related note, 2017 was a pretty eventful year for Raai Laxmi. She made her Bollywood debut with Julie 2 and added a new dimension to her career. In it, she played a bold character and set the temperatures soaring wild her intimate scenes. Talking about its bold scenes, she had said that they were an integral part of the script.

“Basically, it is a story of an actress and her life. It required certain kinds of glam scenes, which are justified in the film. I knew about it even before the film started. The film’s message is loud — if a girl has to achieve in life, she has to meet and confront a lot of men,” she had said.

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