Revealed! The real reason why Vishal’s nomination was rejected twice by EC

In a cinematic style twists, Vishal's nomination rejected twice after two proposers deny supporting him.

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Revealed! The real reason why Vishal's nomination was rejected twice by EC

In a dramatic turn of events, Vishal’s nomination to contest in the R. K Nagar by-poll election in Chennai was rejected twice. The reason why it is dramatic was that the nomination was first rejected, then accepted and then rejected again!

Vishal’s nomination was initially rejected after the Returning Officer, said the nomination filed by Vishal has been rejected as two of the proposers had denied having proposed the actor’s name. The rules of the commission state that a candidate has to be proposed by 10 people, however in Vishal’s case, only eight valid proposers have endorsed his candidature. Later, Vishal gathered proof that one of his proposers was threatened. He submitted a recorded conversation with a person named Velu, who is said to be the relative of the woman who had proposed his candidature. As per the phone recording, Velu confessed to Vishal that the woman was threatened to say that she did not sign the nomination form.

After speaking to the EC officer, Vishal tweeted, ”After much struggle, my nomination for the RK Nagar election is finally accepted…Truth Always Triumphs !!#JusticeServed #DemocracyPrevails”.

However, within a matter of a few hours, Vishal tweeted that his nomination has been rejected. He tweeted,”Democracy at its lowest low !! Disheartening to hear that the nomination made by me was initially accepted & later when I left, has been announced as invalid.” #PoliticalGame. ” However, the EC said they can’t check the authenticity of the audio clip and that the matter was still under process. Jayalalitha’s niece Deepa’s nomination was also rejected as several columns in the form were left blank.

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