Sai Dhanshika on the T Rajendar incident: It affected me mentally

Sai Dhanshika said that TR’s behaviour is proof of him not being a spiritual person.

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Sai Dhanshika on the T Rajendar incident: It affected me mentally

Nearly two months ago, T Rajendar had lashed out at actress Sai Dhanshika for forgetting to thank him in a speech and reduced her to tears. Following this, the young lady had received support from fans and members of the film fraternity.

Now, Sai Dhanshika has revisited the controversy and made some strong statements about TR’s actions. She said that the veteran actor behaviour clearly proved that, contrary to perception, he is not a spiritual man.

“I had decided not to talk about the issue that made me break down on stage. People say that TR sir is a very spiritual person. But no spiritual person would shout like that. I am actually into spirituality and I have learnt to be very calm. By nature, I am a very short tempered person but spirituality changed my temperament,” she said.
She went on to add that she remained silent about the incident even though it took a toll on her mental health.

“What TR sir told me on stage was covered by the media and it took me seven days to get out of it as it affected me mentally. But I decided to remain silent because I have faced such accusations in the past. The truth is that a lot of women have been facing such problems in various fields. I am not blaming all men and I actually wish to take this as an opportunity to thank the men with a helpful tendency, who have helped me to get this far,” added Sai Dhanshika.

Well, these are some strong words and prove that she is one strong-willed woman. On the work front, Sai Dhanshika will soon be making her Tollywood debut with ‘Mela’.

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