Singer Chinmayi opens up about being molested, asks victims to speak up

In her post about facing sexual harassment, Chinmayi said it is important for victims to speak up and resist those who harass them.

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Singer Chinmayi opens up about being molested


The lovely Chinmayi is arguably one of the talented singers in South cinema today. Moreover, she has also served as the dubbing artiste for several top actors and proved that her talent has no limits. Now, she is in the news for a shocking reason. In a disturbing incident, Chinmayi was groped at a recently-held event. And, quite understandably, this incident left her shaken. Describing the unpleasant experience, she said that it is imperative that women speak up about such incidents and make a difference.

“Most common places – Their own home, public transport, places of worship, educational institutions. Most girls and boys haven’t mustered the strength to share it with their family and friends coz no one would believe it. Even if girls have a chance of being heard, men have NONE,” she added.

She went on to add that men as well as women face harassment and stated that victim shaming is a big problem when it comes to dealing with molestation. She also said that men are shamed the second they talk about it whereas women are accused of ‘enjoying’ it.

“Men are shamed if they share an account of sexual assault/molestation during childhood. Women who gathered the courage to share have been blamed “she enjoyed it”. Imagine grown adults accusing a child of enjoying sexual assault. And other seemingly sane adults believing it, [sic],” she stated.

In her final set of posts about the topic, Chinmayi asked all victims of molestation and harassment to resist and oppose those who touch them without their consent. She added that victims should not hesitate to call out or even slap their perpetrators.

“As for victims – speak up, yell, slap those who touch you without your consent. When groped we are temporarily stunned into silence – including me. This is usually the window the assaulter uses to his advantage. Finally, it is NOT your fault. Be kind on yourself. Love yourself. [sic],” she added.

Chinmayi must be praised for taking a bold stand on this relevant issue.


    She is someone who has shown strength and courage no matter. Of course, our patriarchal society will victim-blame and slut-shame people like her away. Thanks Chinmayi for speaking up.


    i agree with her


    Dont believe one word from this girl. Her video with that flop so-called music director annirudh and that mr-acting-humble, danyush is leaked all over… beware of this woman pretending to be the victim when she is the perpetrator.


      Yes, and we should not believe a word from someone like you who can’t even spell Dhanush’s and Anirudh’s names properly.


        you understood correct? I don’t have to bother with the spelling … i have too many comments to write **wink**


      Hows molestation has any crap you have written. Doesnt matter who has experienced sexual molestation, it is BAD


    OMG! This is horrible. First, it was Amala Paul who faced some sort of sexual advances and now this! Especially to such a sweet soul! Makes me so mad. Glad she is speaking up about this and not covering up anything. In the old days (80s, 90s), you would never hear anything. These days, people are speaking up and I am so proud of them. When will people learn, this type of behaviour is not right and unwarranted.

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