Snehan responds to the controversy surrounding him hugging women on Bigg Boss Tamil

Snehan said that he embraced the female participants in a genuine and affectionate way.

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Lyricist Snehan had found himself at the receiving end of some severe criticism, during ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’, because of the way in which he used to hug female participants on the show. Now, he is back in the limelight again. As it so happens, yesterday, he took to the social media and cleared the air on his behaviour in the house. He said that he knows very well that one cannot touch a woman without gaining her trust. Snehan went on to add that he embraced the female participants in a genuine and affectionate way.

“Amidst so many talks, people reported that I went inside the Bigg Boss house just to hug women. Do you guys know that to touch a woman, you need to gain her trust? Only then they will come closer. Beyond all that, they trusted me. You cannot touch a woman easily, friends. We only hugged them to express our affection. It was the same kind of embracement that happens between a mother and a child. You people criticized that, but you should know that I am used to criticism because that is the reason I am here today,” he said.

Well, that is quite a strong statement and we hope that it clears all doubts surrounding Snehan’s behaviour on ‘Bigg BossTamil’.

On a related note, the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil—which was hosted by Kamal Haasan—came to an end recently with Aarav proving to the victor. The show was well received and became a rage within no time.

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