Solitary performance by Nayanthara doesn’t help DORA from falling flat

DORA falls flat towards the end after a jaw dropping start. With a thrilling narration, DORA fails to keep the viewers engaged.

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Nayanthara in DORA

After the success of Maya, the audience get to see Nayanthara in a similar story line in Dora. What drives the makers to cast her in similar roles is something many industry insiders have been discussing about. Undisturbed by all these, Nayanthara makes a statement with Dora and as per the response from audience and popular reviewers, she carries the movie on her shoulders solely. The cast is supported by Harish Uttaman as a stringent cop who is known to play a baddie. Thambi Ramaiah essayed the role of Nayan’s father and brings his experience to the table and adds a lot of value to the story.

Nayanthara in DORA

Dora is the story of a possessed car which seeks vengeance against three criminals. Nayanthara and her father get knit into the storyline when she accidentally buys the car for a trip that she plans along with her father to a holy place. Going by the reports at cinema halls, the story engages the viewers but falls flat at times when the narrations turns to flashback. A well-known reviewer wrote about Dora saying, “Dora is surprisingly well-written horror film in which Nayanthara kicks real ass”. Nayanthara was also given this attribute – “Nayanthara gets the kind of “glorifying” dialogue usually delivered by the hero’s sidekick to keep the hero’s fans whistling”.

One common aspect that is noticed in many opinions online about Dora is that it fails to hold the suspense throughout and the flashback episodes do not really add to the narration. Reviewers also suggested that there is very little humour in the film and is generated by only Thambi Ramaiah.

Dora fetched not more than 3 stars by many websites and we wait to see how the collections turn out for this horror flick.

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