Stage set for the participants of Kamal Haasan’s Tamil Bigg Boss

The production of the reality show invited few media personnel into the Bigg Boss house which will house 14 participants.

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That Kamal Haasan will be hosting the Tamil version of Bigg Boss is a known thing across the nation now. The show will have 14 participants from different lives of the society and the group will fight it out for 100 days in the house. The Bigg Boss house is all set for the start of the shooting of the show and the shooting might commence soon.

The producers of the show recently had few people from the media take a look at the house where the participants will shoot. The select media personnel were taken through a tour of the house and shown the important aspects of the show.

A source close to the production house said,” We had a one-day trial session with reporters and other media people. Now, the house is ready for the actual shoot. Yesterday, the celebrities who will be taking part in the show, have occupied the space. The participants were thoroughly checked and let inside.”

14 contestants to tussle it out in Kamal Haasan's Bigg Boss Tamil
Kamal Haasan will host the Tamil version of Bigg Boss

Several popular names have been doing rounds as the participants in the show but the production house stayed tight-lipped regarding the participants. The show will go on air on June 25th, 2017 on a popular Tamil channel.

Meanhwile, host of the Bigg Boss Tamil Kamal Haasan said that a lot of unexpected things might be under his sleeve since the show is all about spontaneity. ” It is a social experiment and I will be the first witness. Spontaneity is the rule of the show and the audience can expect the unexpected,” said Kamal Haasan.

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