Suchitra Karthik: I pray to god that no one is in a situation like me

The singer has spoke on this issue after more than a month.

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Remember Suchitra Karthik? Yes, the singer was in the news for posting images and messages on her social networking page. She received a lot of flak from her colleagues in the industry and from outside as well for all those messages. Messages and photos posted by her raised a lot of questions on few celebrities but none of them were answered though. Suchitra’s husband actor Karthik posted a message saying her account has been hacked and Suchitra is in a state of shock. Karthik also said that Suchitra has been mentally affected and traumatised with what has happened.

After more than a month, Singer Suchitra spoke to a leading daily in South India and revealed few things about the incident which shook the Southern Film industry.

Speaking about the incident Suchitra said,” I’m still frustrated and irritated with all that has happened. Life has become difficult for me in the last few months. Even though I didn’t share any of those things from my Twitter, many of my friends hated me for that. And that really affected me emotionally and mentally. I’m trying to become stronger and work on my mental state, as my husband had said.

She seemed apologetic about what had happened and added,” I apologize to all those who have been affected by this. I hope these incidents don’t affect my relationships with my friends in the industry.”

Suchitra and her husband Karthik travelled to the US post the incident and didn’t respond to any of the allegations. Speaking about how her condition is Suchitra said,” I’m doing much better now. Doctors have said that it will take 6 weeks to recover completely from these kinds of situations.

Well, get well soon Suchitra!

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