Tamil remake of Queen faces legal trouble from the co-producers

The London based production house have proceeded legally to halt the shooting of the remake.

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Kajal Aggarwal will feature in the Tamil remake of Queen

The Tamil and Malayalam remake of Bollywood super hit film Queen has been facing too many hurdles and hasn’t had the smoothest of journey so far. The film initially had Tamannaah reprising the role of Kangana Ranaut but reports came in later that the actress pulled out due to of the film. Reports started doing rounds that the film was later offered to Lavanya Tripathi and Kajal Aggarwal, and none of them were confirmed by the makers.

The Kannada version of the remake of Queen started rolling recently with actress Parul Yadav playing the lead role. The shooting of this remake in Kannada commenced recently and is being directed by prominent actor-director Ramesh Arvind. The director had said in an interview recently that he was told about the Tamil versions being directed by Revathy earlier, but now was asked to direct the Tamil version too by producer Thiagarajan. Thiagarajan is producing the remake of Queen in all the four South Indian languages.

After all this, the co-producers of the remakes in South India, Golden Crab Film Production Limited who are based in London, are apparently unhappy with the changes since it was all done without their permission. Speaking to a leading daily, Karim Tshibangu, CEO of Golden Crab production house, said,” The recent proceedings with respect to the remakes of Queen have been shocking. When we signed the contract with Queen’s original producers Viacom 18 motion pictures, we were asked to start the film within three years of signing the contract otherwise the contract would go void. So, we started shooting Vaanil Thedi Nindren in May with actors Nasser.”

Karim also added,” Tamannaah was busy with quite a number of projects in Tamil and Telugu. So, we thought we will continue talks once she is done with her present commitments. Meanwhile, the contract with Viacom was about to expire in the month of June. We didn’t want to lose the rights, so we decided to go ahead with the shoot without the female lead and director.”

Karim also says that they now wish to proceed legally and speaking about, he said,” We have obtained an injunction, which means in order to continue filming in UK and Europe, the matter will have to be resolved in the UK High Court of Justice as the rights are rights are registered with the British Film Institute by our company. Also, Thiagarajan is a co-producer, but he has also included his daughter Preethi’s name as one of the producers. This is absolutely shocking and to know that these are happening without our permission infuriates us. This issue has to be solved amicably or it has to be dealt in the court.

Well, one can only wait and watch if this remake will really happen or not.


    This is in reply to the person above. Have you ever heard of a full stop or a comma? Might want to learn how to use correct grammar while you’re at it too. You may also want to edit your ‘funny’ jokes when correcting your awful English.


    Ya has you seen the injunction? This story is a fake story run by everyone without cross checking the facts… the company has never made a film.. EVER… the contract copy shown by the company in their twitter handle is of date 21st April where the company golden crap sorry crab was formed on 25th April… the rights were purchased by staar movies in 2014 and sold to liger in 2017 … everyone needs to atleast check with the parties involved before copy pasting the news

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