Top 5 roles of Arvind Swami that make him the Super Star of Tamil Cinema

A lesser known fact about Arvind Swami is that he was injured in 2006 and that kept him away from films a long time.

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One of the greatest talents introduced by the genius Mani Ratnam, Arvind Swami is one of the actors who has had a roller-coaster ride in his career. After having made his debut with Thalapathy in 1991, Arvind Swami had a great start to his career. Post Thalapathy, Arvind Swami teamed up with Mani Ratnam again in Roja which went on to become one of the path-breaking films in Indian cinema. The music album of Roja was an amazing hit and is a favourite to many even today which was composed by the musical genius A.R. Rahman, and was his debut movie.

Post Roja, Arvind Swami appeared in a Malayalam film and a couple of Tamil films till the 1995 super-hit Bombay was released. Bombay was his third film with Mani Ratnam and stands as another milestone in Mani Ratnam and Arvind Swami’s careers and is an inspiration to many young filmmakers.

Few years later, Arvind Swami even made his debut in Bollywood with Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya which had his Bombay co-star Manisha Koirala in the female lead role.

Arvind Swami was physically injured in 2006 and was being treated which went on for approximately 5 years. Arvind took a sabbatical from films and returned to acting in 2013 Mani Ratnam’s Kadal which was the debut film of Gautham Karthik.

It was the 2015 release Thani Oruvan that really changed the game for Arvind Swami in his career post his comeback. Playing the antagonist in the film, Arvind Swami impressed everyone with his acting and stylish looks. Arvind Swami received many awards and accolades for his role as Siddharth Abhimanyu in Thani Oruvan.

Today we look at the top roles of Arvind Swami that make him the Super Star of Tamil cinema:

Arvind Swami became one of the heartthrobs of Tamil cinema after making debut with Thalapathy with his cute and chocolate boy looks.

Arvind Swami in Thalapathy

Arvind proved that he can play diverse roles too with utmost ease in Roja which is one of the top hits in Tamil cinema. His scenes with Bollywood actor Pankaj Kapoor prove his acting prowess and really impressed everyone.

Arvind Swami and Madhoo in Roja

Bombay was one of the super hit films in Indian cinema with the film releasing across India. The film is based on the Bombay riots and has Arvind Swami playing the role of a young man who marries a girl from different community despite the families not agreeing to it.

Arvind Swami in Bombay

Minsaara Kanavu had Arvind Swami as a young businessman, Thomas who is madly in love with Priya, played by Bollywood actress Kajol. With his cute looks in the film, Arvind Swami stole the hearts of many.

Arvind Swami and Kajol in Minsaara Kanavu

Thani Oruvan had the best in store for Arvind Swami. Playing a stylish villain Ala Hollywood style, Arvind Swami surprised the Tamil cinema viewers with his role in Thani Oruvan. Arvind Swami rose to stardom back again with this film which was away from him for a while.

Stylish looking Arvind Swami in Thani Oriuvan

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    Hope he gets cast in a wonderful role, opposite Aditi Rao Hydari, another multi-talented artiste and she also gets a super role. In the hands of an able n sensitive Director, I’m sure both of them will rock and wish that such a film becomes a milestone in Indian Cinema.


    Aravind Swamy not only good actor his is the good mathematician and phycologist also


    So happy that,arvindswamy is back and having seen arvindswamys performance in thani oruvan,it seems he is going to rule tamil cinema for a long time as a superstar and remember he is the most handsomst hero indian cinema has ever seen and still is


    Good for him. Arvind Swami was really cute, still looks good …matured! He was a good actor, haven’t seen his latest but now, curious and eager to watch. He had some really memorable films with amazing content and stories. Glad he has recovered and back with a bang. All the best Swami ji. Hope to see you soon in another fabulous Mani Ratnam movie (maybe opposite Manisha) 🙂

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