Trisha’s emotional post is quite hard-hitting

Trisha's emotional post is quite hard-hitting

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A photo of Trisha.

It is no secret that Trisha Krishnan is one of the most gorgeous and talented ladies in Southern cinema today. During her reasonably eventful career, she has found firm footing in the industry thanks to her sincere performances, good looks and A-grade style game. Moreover, she has worked with some of the biggest stars—right from Kamal Haasan to Chiranjeevi—and proved that she truly is a force to be reckoned with.

Now, Trisha is in the news again and that too for a surprising reason. As it so happens, the lovely lady just posted an emotional/hard-hitting message on the social media and caught movie buffs by surprise. In her post, she spoke about the inherent ironies of life and how we need to make new beginnings.

“The same people you once put on a pedestal and supposedly felt a deep emotion called “love” for, are the same ones you would gladly kick off that pedestal and not feel any ounce of emotion anymore Ironic !?! Or life !?! Nevertheless,absolutely liberating and beautiful , #lifeisgood #mondaymusings,” she added.

Well we must say that these are some strong words indeed and prove that she is one philosophical person. Right folks?

On a related note, Trisha recently began shooting for ‘96’. In the film, she will be seen alongside Vijay Sethupatil Interestingly, sometime back she said that the film is like another VTV for her.

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