Velaikkaran star Sivakarthikeyan reveals how his rise to stardom has changed him

Sivakarthikeyan said that his rise to stardom has enhanced his self-confidence.

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Actor Sivakartikeyan’s next to be directed by KS Ravi Kumar and will be a sci-fi genre

The fast-rising Sivakarthikeyan is arguably one of the most talented stars in the Tamil film industry today. And, these days, he is in the limelight because of his soon to be released film ‘Velaikkaran’. Touted to be an action-thriller, the film has already created a buzz amongst fans for all the right reasons and is set to hit screens on December 22. During a recent chat with The Hindu, Sivakarthikeyan said that he decided to do ‘Velaikkaran’ as he had liked director Mohan Raja’s ‘Thani Oruvan’.

“I wanted to make a film with Mohan Raja the moment I watched Thani Oruvan. But that wasn’t because I felt it was time to do a serious film. Usually, my characters become serious only towards the climax. Velaikkaran is different. It’s an emotional journey of Arivu and his struggles,” he added.

Interestingly, unlike his previous films, ‘Velaikkaran’ is a serious affair and has no scope for comedy. As such, not surprisingly, it pushed his limits as a performer. Talking about the experience, he said that he recalled previous real-life experiences while performing intense scenes and tried to do justice to them.

“When I do comedy, I focus on the timing; the jokes have to make me laugh in my head. But serious roles are different. I need to draw from my own life experiences to deliver an intense performance. When you want to show pain in a scene without crying, there are several incidents from life that I can draw from,” added SK.

As it so happens, Mohan Raja and SK are not frequent collaborators. Hence, ‘Velaikkaran’ may turn out to be a different experience for fans. However, the actor is not worried about his fans not being able to connect with the film. As he feels that he has established himself as an actor and can experiment with his onscreen image.

“I come from a background in television so I had to start my career with comedy because that’s how people knew me. Once I established myself, I knew I could fit into a film like the ones Mohan Raja makes. But my decision to work with him wasn’t to take advantage of the success of Thani Oruvan,” added Sivakarthikeyan.

Talking about his rise to stardom in just five years, he said that stardom has changed him and made him feel a greater sense of self-confidence. He added that now it is not easy for anyone to make him feel weak or insignificant.

“Yes, I have. My thought process has changed and so has my approach to cinema. My confidence levels have improved and I don’t feel inferior anymore. Earlier, it was easy for others to make me feel small,” he added.

Interestingly, during the recently-held audio launch of ‘Velaikkaran’, SK had said that he will not be acting in commercials anymore and created a buzz in the industry. Talking about this, he said that if he can’t check the quality of the product he endorses, he see no reason why he should endorse it.

“I decided to not endorse products after Velaikkaran because I can’t check the products I’m advertising and I can’t control their quality. So I thought I’ll stop it altogether,” added SK.

Well, we wish him good luck for ‘Velaikkaran’ and hope that it turns out to be a hit at the box office.

On a related note, Velaikkaran’ also features ‘Lady Superstar’ Nayanthara.  And Fahadh in the lead. The Mollywood heartthrob will be playing a negative role in what is the first Tamil film of his career.

A while ago, the director had praised him and said that he is someone who can motivate the director to do a better job.  So, are you excited about ‘Velaikkaran’? Comments, please!

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