Vishal about Cheran asking him to resign from TFPC: He should stop these publicity moves

Vishal also said that Cheran’s comments were highly disrespectful.

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Actor Vishal is one of the most popular stars in the Tamil film industry. And, yesterday, he filed his nomination for the RK Nagar bypoll much to the delight of his fans. Shortly thereafter, director Cheran lashed out at him and said that he should resign from the post of TFPC President before contesting any such election. He also said the ‘Poojai’ star has not been able to bring about any major improvement in the TFPC even though he has been in power for eight months.

Now, Vishal has given a solid response to Cheran and accused him of trying to get ‘unnecessary publicity’. He went on to add that there is nothing in the law that prohibits the head of an organisation from standing in an election.

“I have huge respect for director Cheran. But I cannot help but feel sad for him looking at disparaging publicity moves recently. I would accept criticisms of my actual wrongdoings, but Cheran’s allegations are fundamentally wrong. There is no law that the head of an organization should not stand in an election. This is my personal decision,” added Vishal.

He also said that Cheran’s statements were disrespectful and unacceptable.

“To allege that the government will seek revenge against the producer’s council simply because of my candidacy is against the very fibre of democracy. Cheran’s arguments are disgraceful to the governments and the former office-bearers of the council,” added the star.

Well, these are some strong words and could ruffle a few feathers. It will be worth watching what happens next.


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