Vivegam Review Roundup: Despite its flaws, this Ajith Kumar starrer is worth a watch

Here is a look at what various critics have said about Ajith Kumar's ‘Vivegam’.

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Ajith Kumar is arguably the most respected stars in Tamil cinema today. And, now, he is back to entertain fans with his latest release ‘Vivegam’. A spy-thriller, it features ‘Thala’ in a brand new avatar and hit screens earlier today. Directed by Siva and believed to be at par with Hollywood thrillers, it is one of the biggest releases of the year. Here is a look at what various critics have said about ‘Vivegam’.

According to the Times of India, ‘Vivegam’ is a bit overtop but proves to be an engaging affair. The newspaper went on to praise Ajith and said that he is the life and soul of the movie.

“Ajith takes it upon himself to single handedly provide plenty of mass-hero moments (a shirt-ripping, six-pack showcasing climactic moment is a particular highlight) and innumerable punch dialogues,” wrote TOI.

Echoing similar sentiment, the Indian Express wrote that ‘Vivegam’ is an Ajith Kumar sow all the way.

“It is Ajith’s show all the way. His look and onscreen charisma help audience disregard serious logical follies in the writing,” opined the daily.

However, The Hindu had a different take on the movie. It stated that ‘Vivegam’ failed to make any impact despite Ajith’s sincere performance.

“Vivegam is a misfire on many levels. It’s an attempt to make an “international” thriller, with the assumption that a star with a huge fan base would be able to pull it off. Ajith’s effort is sincere, but Vivegam just doesn’t come together,” added The Hindu.

Taking a similar stand as The Hindu, Behindwoods stated that ‘Vivegam’ is not engaging enough as it relies way too much on Thala’s charisma.

“High on production value and action. Heavily dependent on Ajith’s persona, engagement factor takes a beating,” added the website.

Hindustan Times felt that Ajith’s performance was top notch but the writing was a bit off.

“If earnest efforts by Ajith and Vivek Oberoi, good intentions of director Siva and great stunts could win the day, then Vivegam would be a success. Unfortunately, below par writing ruins it for the film,” stated HT.

All in all, ‘Vivegam’ has received mixed reviews because of its irregular dscreenplay. However, Ajith has managed to make a mark nonetheless

So, what your take on ‘Vivegam’? Comments, please!


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    budda-thalaiva, Ajith needs to retire!

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