Photos: Siddharth and Andrea celebrate the success of Aval

Here are some photos of Siddharth and Andrea celebrating the success of Aval.

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Actor Siddharth is arguably going through a terrific phase on the professional front these days. His latest release ‘Aval’ opened to a good response at the box office on November 3 and helped him add a new dimension to his career. Now, he is in the limelight again and that too for an awesome reason. As it so happens, Siddharth and his ‘Aval’ co-star Andrea Jeremiah recently celebrated the film’s success like pros. Here are some photos from the celebrations. It sure seems that they had a good time.

In case you did not know, ‘Aval’ is a horror-thriller and has been directed by Milind Rau. It has been praised for its realistic performances and fresh approach to the horror genre. Interestingly, prior to its release, Siddharth had said that a lot of research was done while making the film.

“I am a huge fan of horror movies and has always felt iconic horror films are fewer in Indian cinema. This was the reason myself and Milind Rau decided to make ‘Aval’. Myself and Milind Rau are very good friends for ages, from the time we worked as assistant directors with Mani Ratnam sir. Though ‘Aval’ is based on a real-life incident, we also did an extensive research about this script, genre and audience’s mindset about horror,” he had added.

On a related note, Siddharth has already confirmed that a sequel to ‘Aval’ is on the cards and it will be worth watching when it materialises.

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