Thupparivaalan Movie Review: A well-written, well executed crime thriller

The film is based on stories of a real-life detective but Mysskin has given it a Sherlock Holmes twists.

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Director: Mysskin
Cast: Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay Rai, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea and Bhagyaraj
Rating: ****

After the runaway success of Pisasu, Mysskin returns with the no-nonsense crime-thriller Thupparivaalan, and this time he delves deep into the dark world of crime and leaves his audiences on their edge of their seats in the process. Even though it’s a long film and Mysskin takes his time to set the ball rolling, the engaging screenplay makes up for the long wait. Even if you’re not a fan of Mysskin’s work, this film will earn your respect for the effort the filmmaker puts into each of his film to make it stand out.

The film is based on stories of a real-life detective but Mysskin has given it a Sherlock Holmes twists. Vishal’s character is modeled on Sherlock Holmes, and as a detective with terrific action skills, he owns this role and aces his part with ease. It’s a relief to watch Vishal play a role that’s so different from anything he has done so far in his career. Unlike the real Sherlock Holmes, Vishal who plays Kaniyan Poogundran isn’t smart and is sloppy at times but at the same time is compassionate and emotional. As Indian audiences, you’d like Kaniyan the way Mysskin has written.

When Kaniyan is hired by a school boy to investigate the mysterious death of his pet dog, his investigation leads him to many more murders and a criminal organisation. As he digs deeper into the investigation, he gets closer to his nemesis Kathir but the path that leads to him isn’t an easy one to walk on. There’s a death in almost every scene and the atmosphere gets violent with each passing minute.

Like most Mysskin’s films, there’s heavy influence of martial fights. There’s even one excellently well choreographed action sequence involving Chinese. In a regular Sherlock Holmes set up, you won’t find so much action. Mysskin makes this an out-and-out action fest and the stunt sequences are top notch, to say the least.

Thupparivaalan comes as whiff of fresh air in Vishal’s career and he shines in a role that’s apt for him. Vinay Rai, mostly known for his romantic avatars so far, is terrific as the antagonist, sending chills down our spines throughout.

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