Bigg Boss Tamil – 22nd September 2017, Episode 90: On day 89, Ganesh fails to understand the BB instructions again

The house members have a new task of protecting eggs.

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Bigg Boss announces that Arav, Harish, and Bindu are free to untie the ropes tied to their feet. The housemates discuss that only a few days are left until Bigg Boss grand finale. The housemates gather and talk about the eliminated contestants. During that discussion, Bindu asks Snehan if Namitha’s fluency in Tamil was good enough. He says her fluency was good and only her accent was unique. He also mentioned that she would sit alone when she is angry.

Bigg Boss announces a task for the housemates, where they need to look at an image of a phone once and fix two jigsaw puzzles. The pieces are hidden in different corners of the Bigg Boss house and the housemates need to hunt for it. Ganesh and Bindu are quick to find the pieces which help them complete the task.

A while later, the phone rings in the Bigg Boss house and Suja picks up the phone. Bigg Boss instructs Suja to pick a member of the house and convince the person to clip 30 clips on his/her body and that he should never remove the clips till Bigg Boss says so. Ganesh volunteers to participate in the task. The phone rings again, and this time Ganesh answers the call. Bigg Boss instructs Ganesh to convince one housemate to apply a paste of flour and water all over his/her body. When Ganesh asks Harish if he can do it, he refuses. Suja volunteers and tells Ganesh that she’ll do the task. Later, Arav tells Bindu and Harish that Ganesh is a nice person, however, he is being selfish by sitting next to the phone and not giving others a chance to answer the call. Arav then tells Snehan that Ganesh is being unfair. In response to it, Snehan says that he can also play the game that way. Ganesh requests Harish to remove and reposition one of the clips as he complains of pain. After this, Bigg Boss announces that this is against the rules of the game, and Ganesh will not be awarded points for this. After this Suja and Ganesh decide to split their points – 9 and 1 point respectively.

Bindu answers the next phone call. Bigg Boss asks her to cut parts of a person’s T-shirt in random bits and retain the shape of the T-shirt and convince a house member to wear it. Harish decides to take part in this task. Everyone in the house begins to laugh when they see Harish wearing a ripped and torn T-shirt.

Bigg Boss announces another ‘ticket to finale task’. In this task, house members must draw a design on the egg and safeguard it. In the second part of the task, house members must take part in a sack race game. The members must keep their eggs in a small tray which they hold by their necks. If the egg falls, the person is disqualified from the task. Bindu and Suja complete the task with ease. Ganesh hesitates a little but successfully completes the task. Bigg Boss then asks Harish and Bindu to divide their points. They take 5 each. Ganesh and Suja decide to split their points – 9 and 1 points respectively. In the next task, the members have to run only with one leg and they succeed in doing so. Harish reads a message from Bigg Boss that his and Suja’s task is over. Harish also reads the scorecard. Later, Snehan expresses that it’s quite a task to sit next to the phone waiting for a call from Bigg Boss and this is like a competition between members. Harish discusses with Snehan, Bindu, and Arav about Ganesh’s performance in the cube task. He tells them that Ganesh was quick in the game that it surprised him. Arav also tells that Ganesh asks too many questions when a task is announced and he gets quite irritated when he does so. Later, some members of the house decide to stay awake through the night to keep their eggs safe.

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