Bigg Boss Tamil – 22nd September 2017, Episode 91 update: On day 90, Kamal Haasan asks Snehan if he is willing to give all his points to another housemate.

Kamal Haasan reminds the housemates that their time at the Bigg Boss house is soon coming to an end.

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Kamal Haasan announces on stage that from so far, the viewers have been trying to save the person who they think should stay in the house. However, from now on, he requests them to choose the one who they think is worthy of winning the competition. He says that they have the right to decide and pick the best person. He adds that watching the show would’ve helped the audience to identify their own mistakes and relive some of the memorable moments in their life. He also tells them after watching the week’s episode, he has realized that the housemates have become more fierce and competitive. He begins to show the viewers Friday’s episode.

Suja asks Harish and Snehan if she is allowed to break the eggs other people possess and they say it’s allowed. Snehan this to Arav and Bindu. After a while, Bigg Boss announces that the contestants aren’t allowed to hold the eggs or the tray till Bigg Boss declares that the task is over. After this, it’s a laughter-filled sequence in the Bigg Boss house as the contestants try to accomplish this impossible task. The phone rings in the Bigg Boss house, and Snehan answers it. Bigg Boss tells Snehan that he needs to convince a person to dance to a song along with him – without touching the egg and the tray. Harish volunteers to do it. During the dance, Snehan’s egg falls, while Harish manages to balance well.

Suja answers the next phone call. Bigg Boss tells her to convince a person to perform yoga with her – without touching the egg and the tray. Suja picks Bindu to complete the task, however, during the process, Suja’s egg falls off. Despite it, they two continue to complete the task. Meanwhile, Arav’s egg also falls down. So now, only Harish and Ganesh are a part of the egg balancing task. Bigg Boss asks the two to perform a yoga pose together and in this process, Ganesh’s egg falls. Harish is declared the winner of the ‘egg balancing’ task. In their next task, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to deliver a performance and not reveal what’s written in the task assigned to them. Each person performs his given role and the housemates look on. This is followed by a relaxing sequence filled with laughter. Later, Bigg Boss asks housemates to assigns points to each other as to who is the fakest personality in the house. Arav rates Ganesh and Suja as fake and Harish as most genuine. Ganesh also rates Harish as genuine. While Harish, Ganesh, and Snehan also rate Suja as fake. Suja rates Arav as most fake, while Bindu rates Ganesh as fake. Suja also rates Snehan as fake. Harish is then declared the most genuine person in the house. Bigg Boss gives away exquisite clothing for the housemates after the task, as they need to look their best during their interaction with Kamal Haasan.

They begin their interaction with Kamal Haasan through the television. Here, Kamal Haasan gives each one as a task to explain why they should win the contest. Suja tells him that she has been true to the housemates throughout her time at the house and that’s why she should win. Snehan first thanks to all the audience for their support, and then tells that he will use that money for a greater cause as he wants to empower and educate the youth in his village. Ganesh tells that he’s fit to win the competition, however, he can accept any decision taken by the viewers. Harish first asks an apology to Kamal Haasan for not being cheerful during his visit last week as he was feeling down. He later adds that he sees his brief time in the house as an accomplishment. Bindu tells that she’s been true throughout and they can judge from her actions. Arav expresses his happiness as he has survived in the Bigg Boss for so long, he tells Kamal Haasan that he determined to win the competition. Snehan reads out the final points of the ticket to finale task – Suja 63, Snehan 53, Ganesh 52, Bindu 45, Harish 40 and Arav 37.

Now Kamal Haasan asks them to tell which contestants does not deserve to win the competition. Arav tells that Suja doesn’t reveal her true colours and doesn’t deserve to win. He also tells that he finds Ganesh selfish. Bindu tells that she doesn’t find Snehan worthy of winning as he is moody, she also tells that she finds Ganesh act or perform in front of the camera during a task. Bindu goes on to tell that she doesn’t find Harish worthy of winning as he often complains that he wants to leave the show. She also jokingly tells that she doesn’t want Arav to win as he doesn’t look good without his beard. Harish tells that he finds Snehan winning sympathy from the audience by using the state of his village as an excuse and he also finds Arav doesn’t give his 100 percent during tasks. Ganesh tells that Suja often campaigns that her life is a misery and he finds that Snehan doesn’t follow what he preaches. Snehan feels that Suja isn’t worthy as she has no leadership skills. Ganesh, as he doesn’t take inputs. Harish, as he is playful. Bindu, as she isn’t consistent and Arav, as he projects himself as a mystery.

Later, Kamal Haasan reminds Snehan that his points don’t matter to him anymore as he is a direct finalist in the game. He also asks Snehan who he is willing to give his points to another housemate and tells him to reveal his decision in the next episode.

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