Bigg Boss Tamil – 25th September 2017, Episode 93 update: On day 92, Actress Anjali visits the final five of the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss motivates housemates to keep calm and stay strong in the final week.

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On day 92, Actress Anjali visits the final five of the Bigg Boss house.

Arav and Bindu discuss Suja’s elimination. They feel that Suja’s aggression during the tasks may have been because she wanted to create an impact in the minds of the audience. They also feel that Suja revealed about her personal struggles repeatedly so that the audience show sympathy on her.

A banner stating only 6 days to go flashes in front of the TV screen in the Bigg Boss house, after which the housemates sit together and discuss what they’ll miss about the Bigg Boss house. Later, Bigg Boss congratulates the contestants for crossing several hurdles to reach the final week. He reminds them to stay motivated in the final week. Arav reads a ‘to-do’ list sent by Bigg Boss. He reads that a guest will visit the Bigg Boss house today, for which they need to clean the house and prepare a dish for her. They are also requested to display their talent in front of the guest. It is revealed that actress Anjali is the guest in the house. Anjali begins interacting with the housemates. Bigg Boss calls Anjali to the confession room and asks her to tell her experiences in the house. She tells him that she sees a tough competition between the housemates, and they are the best ones to have survived after all the difficult weeks.

One by one the housemates begin displaying their talents in front of Anjali. Harish sings a song, Bindu performs a dance number and even shakes a leg with Anjali. Ganesh also performs on a song, while Arav displays his acting skills. On asked who did the best, Anjali declares that Harish was the best of them all. In the next task, the housemates are asked to place biscuits on their forehead and eat them without touching it. Snehan eats the maximum and successfully completes the task. After a while, a song is played from Anjali’s upcoming film called ‘Shut Up Panunga’ a catchphrase used by ex-contestant Oviya on the show. After this, she bids adieu to them and leaves.

Bigg Boss announces the next task, and in this task, housemates are asked to wear a basket on their head and catch balls thrown by another housemate. Bindu is asked to be the judge. Arav and Snehan emerge winners of the task. In the next task, housemates are asked to be blindfolded while crossing a pathway filled with paper cups without touching any. Housemates need to guide him to the finish line. Ganesh is the judge of this task. Bindu and Arav emerge winners of this task.



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