EXCLUSIVE: Bride-to-be Shriya Bhupal’s Elie Saab outfit for her evening soirée is a dream come true

The grand wedding events will begin from July 4th and a Telangana wedding will take place in Hyderabad on July 6. Here we bring exclusive details about her wedding outfits.

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The pre-wedding functions of the big fat Hyderabadi wedding of designer Shriya Bhupal with Anindith Reddy began last month in Paris. A lavish pre-wedding masquerade ball was hosted at the Chantilly Palace outside Paris attended by close friends and family members. For the event, Shriya Bhupal opted an elegant and graceful flaming red Giambattista Valli tiered gown and gold crown.

The grand wedding events will begin from July 4th and a Telangana wedding will take place in Hyderabad on July 6. As the bride-to-be is a fashion designer and owns a fashion label called ‘Shriya Som, her enviable ensembles for the wedding events is something that everyone is looking forward.

Well, we bring some exclusive details about Shriya Bhupal’s wedding outfits. On the 4th July i.e for the ‘Brunch’ event, Shriya would be wearing ruffled tailor-made dream in a red gown by Ashi studio.

On the 5th of July, for the evening soirée, which will be followed by ‘Bride making ceremony’, Shriya has opted for a white full sleeves ballroom gown. The outfit is cinched at the waist giving more definition to the overall appeal of the ensemble.

Well, Shriya is sure to look every bit of a princess and together, she and Anindith will make such a gorgeous couple. Don’t you think?

Check out exclusive wedding invites:

Shirya is the granddaughter of Hyderabad tycoon Dr. GVK Reddy (her mom, Shalini is his daughter).

Anindith is the eldest son of Vishweshwar Reddy, sitting MP of Chevella and one of the richest politicians in Telangana. His mother Sangita is the sister of Ram Charan’s wife Upasana’s mother. Anindith made a prominent mark for himself in the domestic Motorsport circle.


    If the film industry of Andhra were to divide their money, I am quite sure they can reduce poverty..disgusting display of wealth..


    Even middle-class marry and host reception over the weekend. Why the hell are super rich marrying on a weekday?


    Rich people and their uber rich lives.


    thank god akhil saved from this


      Akhil was a commitment- phobe. Thank God she found someone better!

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