Neeraja Kona – The woman behind Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Rakul Preet Singh, Hansika Motwani and many celebrity’s perfect looks

Neeraja Kona currently the most sought after stylist in South Indian films. She is the stylist for Samantha, Hansika, Rakul Preet and many other celebrities.

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We often gawk at actresses in awe, wondering how on Earth they manage to be so well turned up at all times. Whether it’s their hair, their clothes or their perfect choice of makeup and accessories, they often tend to be absolutely on point. So is it really possible to be so perfect, and to be able to look as well as act and talk so perfectly all the time? The answer is no!

Though we can’t deny that a chosen few do have a swell sartorial sense, the majority of actors and actresses don’t even have the time nor the patience, to sit down and plan what to wear and when. So what do they do then? Since their job demands that they look presentable almost all the time (as they never know when and where they will be clicked), slacking in this department is severely frowned upon. Well, that’s when the role of a stylist comes into play.

A fashion stylist is a must for every actress, as they’re trained to identify the yay from the nay. With a keen eye for detail and instincts that could put a crystal ball to shame, an actress without a stylist is like a fish without water. A stylist selects ensembles that flatters your body type, she tells you what not to wear and takes a keen interest in your overall image.

One such style wizard, who is a popular choice amongst many a South star is Neeraja Kona. The stylist is top class, and has worked with actresses like Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Hansika Motwani, Rakul Preet Singh, Dulquer Salmaan, Pragya Jaiswal and many others. If you’re familiar with these actresses, you’re probably  already aware of their impeccable looks and now you know the secret behind the flawlessness.

Rakul Preet Singh styled by Neeraja Kona

Dressing up actors goes beyond the silver screen and is a tiresome yet ideal job for any fashion enthusiast. Neeraja, who has to always be accessible to her clientele, seems to be a pro at what she does. Even when she’s travelling or not around her actors physically, she makes sure that their designer outfits and accessories are in place.

While speaking to a leading daily, Neeraja had once said that her moment of reckoning was when the founders of a celebrated fashion website told her that actors from the South are at a par with their Bollywood counterparts. “That’s a big deal. Three years ago, Samantha (Prabhu) and I were discussing why actors here don’t get talked about for their style,” she said.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu styled by Neeraja Kona

Apart from being the ultimate fashion guru to these stars, Neeraja also has involvement in their overall image shaping and ensures that her celeb clients get photographed by professionals  before they step out for events. She also focuses on airport looks for them quite majorly, as that’s where photographers are often waiting for an opportunity to snap (more like slam) a celebrity who isn’t exactly up to the mark.

Hansika Motwani styled by Neeraja Kona

Slaying it with her perfect choices and trendsetting sense of fashion, Neeraja truly has a big hand in shaping the careers and profiles of her clientele. But they need not worry, they’re working with the best. The talented stylist is out to carve her stylish destiny and it won’t be long before she takes over the industry, one sequin at a time!




    Neraja mam is superb




    Neeraja maam is d bestttt stylist ik rakull lookss beautiful in any outfitt she wearsss thnks to neeraja maam!😍😍😄


    She is doing an amazing job!


    Hatsoff to the designers

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