Birthday Special: Top photos that make Anasuya Bharadwaj the leading light of Telugu television

The multi-faceted personality, Anasuya Bharadwaj, rules the television in Telugu. These photos prove why she is the top runner.

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When you think of television hosts in Telugu, there are many people that may come to your mind. But when you think of someone fashionable and stylish, Anasuya Bharadwaj comes to one’s mind. Anasuya Bharadwaj started her career in entertainment doing supporting roles in films and television. She gradually started doing live events and TV shows which brought her into the limelight. It was the show Jabardast, that put her top in the league in Telugu television circles.

Anasuya is known her wittiness and hilarity. She enjoys a great following in the Telugu states because of her unmatchable speaking ability. The anchor is now acting in films too. 2016 release Kshanam saw her don the role of a cop and was well appreciated for her performance.

With Kshanam, she proved that she has acting capabilities as well, besides hosting shows. Anasuya also shook a leg with Sai Dharam Tej in Winner. She did a special song in the film and this put her in a different league in the Telugu entertainment industry.

Suavely adaptable and committed to her work, Anasuya stands as an exemplar of hosting in Telugu television. Anasuya was involved in few controversies as well, which she handled with utmost grace and valour. The actress is one of the few personalities in Telugu who maintains her style quotient very high.

Anasuya celebrates her birthday on May 15th and on that occasion, we present to you top photos of the multifaceted actress which make her the leading light of Telugu television:

Trying the Mega moves!!


Eye Candy!!
Presenting… ME!!
Rockstar Yo!!
Rise it up!!
Dance like a Star!
You made a boo boo
Join us for a dance..
Oooh la la..
Start your day with a smile!
Pose like me!


    Soooo hot


    Hot & sweet




    Kothi ki lip stick pusinattu unnav


    Anasuya is hot girl



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