Exclusive: Taapsee Pannu opens up about Anando Brahma and her life beyond films

In this exclusive chat with Pinkvilla South, Taapsee opens up about why she decided to do ‘Anando Brahma’ as well as her personal goals.

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Taapsee Pannu in Anando Brahma.

Actress Taapsee Pannu, who has become a household name thanks to the success attained by ‘Pink’, is all to entertain fans with her latest release ‘Anando Brahma’. Directed by Mahi Raghav, this horror-comedy features her in a spooky yet beautiful avatar and has already created a buzz thanks to its awesome trailer.

In this exclusive chat with Pinkvilla South, Taapsee opens up about why she decided to do ‘Anando Brahma’ as well as her personal/professional goals. Moreover, she also talks about how she manages to strike a work-life balance.

What encouraged you to take up ‘Anando Brahma’?

It has an unconventional storyline in a very conventional genre. Horror-comedy is something that is exploited to death in the South. I have myself been a part of such films. However, the concept of ‘Anando Brahma’ was so out of the box that I said yes to it after the first line itself.

How was the experience of shooting for the film?

I was a part of the team right the time this idea was born. This was maybe the first time in the South that I was so involved with the planning of the film right from the beginning to the promotions.

Taapsee Pannu.

According to you, why is the horror-comedy genre so popular in the South?

Thriller and comedy individually are very popular genres. So, when you combine the two, the results are bound to be good. A horror-comedy features a perfect mix of thrill and laughs.

How do you manage to strike a work life balance?

I have family and friends who know how I work and what my work is. So, that makes things easier. I feel that my whole is not about work. I give myself as much importance as my work. I attach great importance to my family and friends. I make it a point to travel abroad with friends once in a while and bond with them. Most of my friends are from outside the film industry. So, bonding with them helps me detach from work and live in the real world.

What are the advantages of being on the social media? Are there any disadvantages?

I can connect with my audiences directly. This helps my fans understand the type of person I am. Then it also helps me understand the reaction to a film or trailer within seconds. The bad part is that there are a lot of people who get a thrill by saying something mean to stars. It is their way to getting attention. All in all, these trolls are a problem on the social media. However, that said and done, I prefer looking at the positive side and that’s why I am still on all social media platforms.

How do you cope with failure or setbacks?

I have a life beyond films. Whenever I receive some criticism, I look at the other side of life which is quite strong and happening.

What are your major professional goals?

I want to have such an image that people say that if she has done a film it must be good. I really want my audience to trust my work.

And lastly, where do you see yourself five years down the line?

I hope that five years down the line I am in a comfortable position where I have a wider variety of films to choose from.

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