Actor Sudheer Babu likes working with new directors and here’s why

Sudheer Babu said that new directors are open to ideas and suggestions.

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Actor Sudheer Babu likes working with new directors and here’s why

Actor Sudheer Babu—who is a rather popular name in Telugu cinema—recently announced five new projects and gave his fans a reason to rejoice. One of his projects is a film with writer-turned-director Harshvardhan. Touted to be a thriller. It will be shot the US and features Sudheer Babu in a ‘unique’ role. Talking about the film, he told a leading daily that the film has a tremendous visual appeal and a fresh subject.

“Naturally the story and my character sketch! It’s a first-of-its-kind for me and I thought the script had the potential for a unique portrayal. The visual appeal of the film makes it a feast for the audience, and I am looking forward to it,” added the actor.

He went on to add that he is comfortable working with new filmmakers as they often add a touch of freshness to the script. He also quipped that newcomers are more open to ideas.

“Several of my earlier films, too, were helmed by new directors, including my last hit Bhale Manchi Roju. I feel newcomers are more open to ideas and discussions and I am very comfortable working with them. Also, I feel newbies bring a fresh perspective to the script,” said Sudheer Babu.

Interestingly, he will soon be turning producer with a film to be directed by Rajasekhar Naidu. Talking about the project, he said that the film in question deals with a love story and has a fatherly angle to it.

Well, we wish Sudheer Babu the very best and hope that his new films do well at the box office. So, are you looking forward to these films? Tell us in the space below.

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