Baahubali actress Scarlett Wilson slaps a co-actor for misbehaving on the sets of her Hindi film

Apparently the actor Umakant ai made some lewd gestures and started touching her hair which irked the actress.

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Actress Scarlett Wilson, who appeared in the special song Manohari in the first part of Baahubali, slapped an actor for misbehaving with her on the sets of her Hindi film. The incident happened on the shooting sets of her upcoming Bollywood film Hansa – Ek Sanyog which also features Scarlett Wilson in a special song. Reports suggest that the actor, named Umakant Rai, tried to misbehave with her on the sets when she resorted to such step.

Reports suggest that the actor Umakant Rai started made lewd gestures to Scarlett initially and later started touching her hair which irked the actress, and that’s when she slapped him before storming out of the sets. The unit members are said to have thrown Umakant Rai out of the set aand the film, reports suggest. The shooting for that particular day had to be cancelled owing to the incident.

The producer of the film, Suresh Sharma, is keen on filing a complaint with the Film federation of India and also would ask Umakant Rai to tender an apology. And if not done so, would recommend the Film Federation of India to cancel the acting license of Umakant Rai. It is not confirmed yet if Scarlett Wilson or the makers have filed a police complaint.

Scarlett Wilson will also be seen in another Bollywood film titled Gold which features Akshay Kumar. Scarlett Wilson appeared in a special song in Baahubali which was a huge success. Scarlet Wilson has also appeared in a special song in another Telugu film Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu which starred Power Star Pawan Kalyan.


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    Excellent.. we need foreign women to finally teach our men some manners around women.


    Where’s the pic of the accused? Why are you protecting him?

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