Baahubali faced many problems but steered its way through, says producer Shobu Yarlagadda

Shobu and Rajamouli, before Baahubali, worked together on Magadheera which was also one of the most successful films in Tollywood.

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Baahubali 2 producer Shobu Yarlagadda

Director SS Rajamouli’s Magnum opus Baahubali is one of the most successful films in Indian cinema after the second part, Baahubali: The Conclusion, earned over INR 1000 crores at the box office worldwide. Baahubali even ran in theatres for more than 50 days making it for the first time for a Telugu cinema after a long gap. Prabhas and Rana became the nation’s heartthrob after the success of the film and have now become PAN India stars. But producer Shobu Yarlagadda says that the film had had its own share of problems.

Shobu and Rajamouli, before Baahubali, worked together on Magadheera which was also one of the most successful films in Tollywood. Speaking about the film at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, producer Shobu said, “The problem was the length – it couldn’t fit into three hours. We weren’t sure to let go of the story. That’s why we thought to do it as a two-part film. Rajamouli wanted to go back and try to accommodate it in a three-hour single film, but we stopped him from doing so.”

I had confidence in Rajamouli. The challenge was timeline and to stick to the budget. But we did surpass our deadline and budget. It started as a Rs 120 crore project and then it went further. We always knew the film had to be pan-India. It did get a North Indian release but it wasn’t justified I believe,” Shobu further added.

But for Baahubali, Shobu says they were more prepared. “But for ‘Baahubali’, we started working on the Hindi release right from the first day and knew we had to do more to make it work pan India. We realized when the script was ready that there is so much from ‘Baahubali’ that can be told and not everything could be put into the film. So we started exploring options and putting things in place from when we started,” he said.


    Prabhas is a sweetheart. None of the Bollywood actors come close to his acting skills and yet think so much of themselves.


    No clue what went down between the producers and Sridevi but it worked out in the end. Cos Ramya Krishnan nailed Shivgami.

    Prabhas is just so down to earth and humble. Its incredible to see so much humility from a guy who has received world wide recognition for his work in the baahubali franchise. Hats off to him. In Bollywood, one above average hit and people act like they have become superstars. Their arrogance and entitlement is a big turn off. Prabhas has really impressed me with his simplicity. His nature has made me a big fan of his apart from his dedication, commitment and his outstanding work.


      Absolutely agree!


    Well, he does not have a reason to lie! Rajamouli and him are thick of friends !


    And he lied about Sridevi making unreasonable demands to Rajamouli, thereby creating a rift. What an IDIOT. A liar!


      Neither Rajamouli or Shobhu are liars..just look at them and look at Sridevi. She entered Boneys house as his rakhee sister and then married him. Raghavender rao knows sridevi very well, still she payed hardball with Shobhu, his Son in Law. A deal must have been made between Raghavender Rao Boney and Sridevi, so out of respect for Raghavender Rao, both Shobu and Rajamouli are silent. Sridevi is a liar, we will come to know over a period of time.

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