Chalapathi Rao apologizes for his derogatory comments against women

The veteran actor posted a video message on his social networking page apologizing for his derogatory comments.

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Veteran actor Chalapathi Rao made some distasteful comments about women during an audio launch event for the movie Rarandoi veduka Chudam. The movie, which features Rakul Preet Singh opposite Naga Chaitanya apparently has a dialog which says, “Women are injurious to health.

When asked about this comment, senior actor Chalapathi Rao said, “I’m not sure if they are injurious or not, but they are useful in bed.”

This comment won him the wrath of men and women from the Telugu industry. Producer Nagarjuna also took to his Twitter handle to condemn these statements made by Rao.

Reacting to all the backlash, Rao got back saying, “I came to know through various media that some women are hurt over my comments. But they are misconstrued. I objected over the comment that women are injurious to the peace of mind. But people are stressing focus on my comment that women are good in bed. What I meant was when you are say women are injurious how can you invite them into your bed.”

He further said, “My wife died at a very young age. I didn’t marry again. I raised my kids on my own. I never went after women.”

The heroine of the movie Rakul, had also lashed out saying, “People of his stature represent the industry and newcomers may feel low if such news were to do rounds. Beginners like me most of the times choose to remain silent out of respect for the seniors, but this occasion cannot be one of those and such seniors should also know where to draw the line in scenarios like this.”

Well, what do you think of that?


    There’s one more guy Ali that needs rehab help. In one of the audio releases he made such indecent remarks about anushka thighs and everyone around him were laughing including the lady herself


    Oh please…no one is buying into your so-called apology. Not surprising that younger gen actors are not condemning, just ignoring and promoting their sh**y movies.


    GLAD ‘Nagaarjun’ stood his ground and took to twitter to condemn his statement….MOre industry folks should come ahead to criticise so that others dont make such distasteful comments in future…


    Lol. He just can’t dig his way out of this one. Why are we listening to his explanation? Does it change what he said.


    every single sentence of his “apology” is a lie. he is trying to act like he misspoke when what he said was very clear. ‘women are USEFUL in bed’


    His family should be ashamed to be related to a person with such mindset and thoughts.


    He looks like the Indian Version of Bill Cosby

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