Director Mahi Raghav says that he wants to direct the Hindi remake of Taapsee Pannu starrer Anando Brahma

‘Anando Brahma’ is a horror-comedy and features Taapsee Pannu in the role of a beautiful ghost. It hit screens on August 18 and opened to a good response at the box office.

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Taapsee Pannu’s latest Telugu release Anando Brahma will now be remade in multiple languages

During a recent interaction with a leading daily, director Mahi Raghav revealed that he originally wanted to make ‘Anando Brahma’ in Hindi but refrained from doing so as ‘Paatshala’ had underperformed at the box office. He went on to add that he now plans to remake his Telugu film in Hindi.

“The failure of my last film, Paatshaala proved to be a roadblock. So I decided to take a cue from director Murugaadoss’s success mantra. He makes strong regional films and then pitches them to Bollywood. I want to direct Anando Brahma in Hindi. After the feedback I got from the audiences I now know how to improve upon the script. I’d probably add 10 minutes of comedy in the first-half and cut down on the horror part a little,” he added.

Well, we hope that Mahi Raghav is able to fulfil his wish and direct the Bollywood remake of ‘Anando Brahma’.

In case you did not know, ‘Anando Brahma’ is a horror-comedy and features Taapsee Pannu in the role of a beautiful ghost. Released on August 18, it opened to a good response at the box office, receiving rave reviews along the way. It will now be remade in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi.

Sometime ago, Taapsee told Pinkvilla South that she had agreed to star in ‘Anando Brahma’ courtesy its unconventional plot.

“It has an unconventional storyline in a very conventional genre. Horror-comedy is something that is exploited to death in the South. I have myself been a part of such films. However, the concept of ‘Anando Brahma’ was so out of the box that I said yes to it after the first line itself,” she had added.

So, do you feel that ‘Anando Brahma’ has the potential to be a hit in other languages as well? Comments, please!

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