Director Sampath Nandi: Gautam Nanda is a film with a strong conceptual base

The director also adds that he always thrives to make films which are story driven and not just filled with stars.

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Director Sampath Nandi: Gautam Nanda is a film with a strong conceptual base

Director Sampath Nandi is popular for action oriented films like Bengal Tiger with Ravi Teja and Racha with Ram Charan in the past. Sampath is now all excited about his latest release Gautam Nanda which features Gopichand in the lead role. The filmmaker says that Gopichand plays the role of a billionaire in the film and his journey to find himself is what Gautam Nanda is all about.

Talking to a leading daily, Sampath Nandi revealed interesting aspects about the film and lead actor Gopichand. “Goutham is a billionaire in the film; we took immense care to see that his look and the body language stayed true to the character. It’s a film with a strong conceptual base, I didn’t want it to merely entertain,” says Sampath Nandi.

Talking about how the film shaped up, Sampath Nandi says, “The script wasn’t written with a particular hero in mind-it was actor Gopichand’s interest that got him on board. Hansika and Catherine Tresa have well-defined roles in Goutham Nanda, while Spoorthi (Hansika) inspires Goutham to look at the wider picture of life, Mugdha (Catherine) sways the male protagonist with her beauty.”

Sampath’s last release, Bengal Tiger, was not a great success and did not fare as the filmmaker would have expected it to. Talking about the gap after Bengal Tiger, Sampath says, “Between each of my films, I dig myself into movies and literature. You don’t know where your inspiration can come from; sometimes it’s a newspaper or even a Whatsapp message that leads to your story.”

Gautam Nanda is releasing today worldwide amidst much hype and is touted to be an action-entertainer.

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