EXCLUSIVE: Pooja Hegde on Me Too movement:I hope the industry takes a stand to make it safer for women

Well, Bollywood and South actress Pooja Hegde has finally spoken up about the Me Too movement.

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EXCLUSIVE: Pooja Hegde on Me Too movement:I hope the industry takes a stand to make it safer for women

#MeToo movement is gathering momentum since actress Tanushree Dutta revisited a 10-year-old incident. The actress accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss at Filimistan Studios in Goregaon, in March 2008. The actress really stirred up a storm and since then many names of the celebrities have come out. Chetan Bhagat, Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, and few others have been accused of sexual harassment. Well, Bollywood and South actress Pooja Hegde is among the celebrities from the industry who has spoken up about the Me Too movement.

Also, Nana Patekar being a part of Pooja Hegde’s upcoming film Houseful 4 also starring Kriti Sanon and Akshay Kumar among others, we asked her about her take on the ongoing controversy. However, the actress chose not to speak about the particular incident and honestly, spoke about the whole Me Too movement.

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla South, Pooja Hegde spoke about the Me Too Movement: I think let’s talk about the Me Too movement…I think me too movement is just bigger than only about one person or one girl. So many women that are coming out with their stories and I hope, the industry takes a stand and helps to make it safer for the women because I think all these women who are coming up with their stories…its very sad and I think every girl in the country is facing some kind of sexual harassment whether it is walking on the street or catcalling..I think this Me Too movement brings a positive change somewhere in the way our Government is running. I hope there is some change that protects women. That’s my only hope and I hope people come out with their truth and what happened to them….. More power to them.”

She further added, “I think it is much bigger than one person and I think I would appeal to men also to help. This movement is not only about men vs women but is more about making a safe environment.”


    then why the hell are you working in a film where an actor has been accused of groping and threatening an actress and the director is fond of the casting couch? I hate to question you and your character but being a woman how dare you claim to stand by the me too movement when you’re happily posing for pics and benefitting of the very people who are the perpetrators?? You wanna take a stand? Don’t work with them. Don’t make these comments for publicity, it makes you look idiotic when you’re standing, both literally and metaphorically, by the very people you claim to be against.

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