EXCLUSIVE! Always wanted to be part of a band, says Shalini Pandey speaking about her singing debut

Shalini collaborates with a band named Lagori who are a Bengaluru based band.

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EXCSLUSIVE! I always wanted to be part of a band, says Shalini Pandey speaking about her singing debut song Naa Praanamay

Actor Shalini Pandey, who made her debut with Arjun Reddy in Telugu and impressed everyone with her performance, makes her singing debut with a Telugu independent song titled Naa Praanamay. Shalini collaborates with a band named Lagori who are a Bengaluru based band. Not many knew this side of Shalini Pandey, including me, and post the release of the song, the young actor proves that she is a multi-faceted personality. We caught up with Shalini Pandey and in a free-wheel conversation, Shalini tells us what drew her to singing and why it was in Telugu. Read on to know more:

How did ‘Naa Praanamay’ happen?

Basically, my friend is part of a band called ‘Lagori’ and they are based out of Bangalore. And I’ve known these guys since my college days. Lagori is a very famous band in Bangalore and are known for their gigs and shows. And one fine day, they asked me to collaborate since they knew I had a penchant for singing, and I thought ‘why not!‘. Hence, the video song happened and it turned out well, I guess.

Not many know that you are into singing too.

Coming from a theater background where you need to do everything, including singing, for your character, I was used to singing always. Also, my mother taught music as a professor in a college and music was at home always for me. That helped. And that’s how I always loved singing. And when they asked me for the song, I thought ‘why not!‘.

Did you practice the lyrics a lot to get the pronunciation right?

For me, it has now become a bit easy to speak and converse in Telugu after having done couple of films. And also, I keep hearing Telugu from my crew people. And I’m able to understand Tamil as well after 100% Kaadhal. And that helped me. Even though I’m unable to form sentences, I can understand about 80% of Telugu.

Was it a conscious effort to do varied content?

Somewhere deep inside, I always had this thing in my heart to be a part of a band and do a lot of performances. Because there were very less opportunities, I couldn’t pursue it. And then I got into acting, theater and films. And when Lagori guys offered me, I took it up. And another reason for me doing it is it was being done in Telugu. So, it was not a conscious effort to do something different. I liked the concept when it came my way and I felt like doing it. Basically, I don’t think too much. If I like it, I do it.

Why specifically in Telugu?

One of the members of the band, Vinyl, likes Telugu a lot and he enjoys listening to a lot of Telugu music. So, when we were discussing this, they said the lyrics should be in Telugu because it sounds very nice and that’s when they said let’s do it in Telugu since I’m in Telugu cinema as well. Krishnakanth wrote the lyrics for the song and has come out really well.

So will we see you doing playback singing?

I would love to do that. Why not? What would be nicer than acting in a film and singing for yourself.

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