Kamalakannan: It is tough to say to NO to SS Rajamouli

VFX Supervisor reveals how it is to work with Baahubali director SS Rajamouli

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VFX Supervisor of Baahubali - RC Kamalakannan

VFX Supervisor of Baahubali - RC Kamalakannan with Rajamouli

When you’re working on a magnanimous project like Baahubali, you would need the best men in the industry. Baahubali director SS Rajamouli has this knack of picking the right men for the job, and the results of his previous movies have proved that too.

Films like Eega and Magadheera were filled with VFX shots which made the films historical ones. Eega had more as compared to Magadheera since the narrative was knit with a VFX-driven character. After Eega, Rajamouli started exploring new avenues with Baahubali and his hunger for producing better products than his previous ones made the film the humongous entity it is today.

When VFX producer and artist RC Kamalakannan was roped in to manage the VFX tasks of Baahubali, little did he know that he will be dealing with a man who doesn’t have a liking for the word “NO”. Speaking to leading channel Kamalakannan says,”I have always found it tough to say ‘no’ to him, but during Baahubali 2, we had our share of disagreements. We still had two major sequences to be shot when the two (Rajamouli and Shobu) decided about the release date as recently as October-November, 2016. Usually, we get at least six months of time after the principal shooting is done to deliver all the VFX shots, but for Baahubali 2, I felt we just didn’t have enough time. I even fought with Rajamouli over this in Ramoji Film City, but then I gave it a lot of thought for a week. Shobu had his own reasons behind fixing the release date and soon, my mindset changed completely. I kept assuring everyone that the work will be completed within the given time.

Prabhasin Baahubali The Conclusion
Prabhasin Baahubali The Conclusion

Speaking about how his career started, Kamalakannan says, “To be honest, I didn’t want to become a VFX artist because I was inspired by a VFX-loaded film. Till date, I haven’t watched films from franchises like Lord Of The Rings, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean. At times, if someone has some specific scenes from such Hollywood films as references, then I see a few portions of the film.

Hard work of Kamalakannan and Rajamouli’s vision seems to be success mantra for Baahubali 2.

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