Madhu Shalini will portray the role of a Maoist in her next film

The actress had to attend a lot of workshops to understand how maoists lead there life.

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Madhu Shalini will portray the role of a Maoist in her next film

Actress Madhu Shalini hasn’t been seen in a full-fledged role for a long time and now the actress is back with a film which is titled Raktham. The film is directed by Rajesh Touchriver, who earlier directed National Award-Winning film Naa Bangaru Thalli. Interestingly, Madhu Shalini plays the role of a Maoist in Raktham and the actress reveals more details about her role.

Speaking to a leading daily, the actress said,” I was wanting to do something different and when my director Rajesh told me I need to play a maoist in the film, I said yes immediately.”

The character played by Madhu Shalini in Raktham is named Maya and speaking about it, the actress says,” Maya is a very strong and independent girl who knows what she’s doing. She’s a balanced person and finds logic in everything she does. Also, my look and attire will be very natural, very relatable.”

The actress had to go through workshops to get into the skin of the character and speaking more about this, Madhu Shalini says,” The idea was to keep things as real as possible. I had to go through months of research and training on maoists. We would have 8 hour-long workshops at Rajesh’s office everyday where we would debate about the history of naxalism, the ideology etc. I had to unlearn a lot of things to get into the skin of this character and homework really helped me.”

With Raktham, Madhu Shalini will look to get back in the reckoning.

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