Mohanlal’s epic film Mahabharata faces a stumbling block

A Hindu group in Kerala has raised objections against the title of this film and have threatened to stall the release if the title is not changed.

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Mohanlal recently made an announcement that he will be playing the role of Bheema in the epic Mahabharata which will be an adaptation of MT Vasudevan written book Randamoozham. The film will be directed by ad filmmaker V Shrikumar Menon and will be made on a mammoth budget of INR 1000 crores. This film will be bankrolled by business honcho B R Shetty who owns the UAE Exchange. The film is scheduled to start shooting in 2018 while Mohanlal prepares for the role of Bheema. Now looks like it might not be a smooth sail for this epic film.

Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi President KP Sasikala has raised an objection that the film cannot be titled Mahabharata, and the reason seems to be a little weird. “A big budget film is coming from Kerala named Mahabharatham. We are happy but the Hindus here have a condition – only a film which is close to the story of real Mahabharatham written by Vyasan should carry its name. No other movie can be named Mahabharatham. If the movie is based on Randamoozham let the name of the film also be named same. Veda Vyasan also has his rights,” KP Sasikala was quoted in a leading daily.

Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi President KP Sasikala

Sasikala also made it clear that Hindus in Kerala will not allow the release of the film if they decide to proceed with the same title. “Don’t think that Hindus can be insulted again. If these social leaders, writers, intellectuals and reformers think that a Hindu’s face is a toilet, then it is wrong. The Hindu community is not your waste box or toilet,” KP Sasikala was quoted.

Like Baahubali, Mahabharata will also have to face a lot of hurdles before it hits the screens.


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