Nani: I feel the story of MCA will resonate and connect with every middle class youngster

Directed by Venu Sreeram. MCA also stars Sai Pallavi in the other lead role while Bhumika Chawla will be seen playing an important role.

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Actor Nani is all geared up for the release of his upcoming film MCA which is slated to hit the screens on December 21st, 2017. Directed by Venu Sreeram. MCA also stars Sai Pallavi in the other lead role while Bhumika Chawla will be seen playing an important role. The makers held a pre-release event for MCA at Warangal, Telangana where the film was shot majorly. Speaking about the overwhelming welcome he got from the people of Warangal, Nani said he is indebted to each and everyone from Warangal who showered so much of love on him. “I’m touched by the love you people have showered upon this Middle Class Abbayi. Today, I feel every Middle Class Abbayi has become a hero. We shot the entire film in Warangal, away from home, but I never felt homesick thanks to you people. The support I got from the people of this town and from the police department while shooting made MCA very special. Thanks to all the fans from Warangal to whom I’ll always be indebted,” Nani said during his speech at the pre-release event of MCA.

Speaking about the film and director Venu Sreeram, Nani said, “When Venu narrated the script, I could visualize myself in the character because I come from a middle class background. Venu, too, comes from a similar background and I strongly feel the story will resonate and connect with every middle class youngster.” Actress Sai Pallavi will be seen alongside Nani for the first time and they have seem to have had a great time shooting for the film. “Pallavi and I thoroughly enjoyed working together. She’s become my favorite co-star. Vijay, who plays the villain, is a very good performer. We’ve become great friends off-screen.” Nani Added further speaking at the pre release event.

Actress Sai Pallavi, who also attended the pre-release event, spoke at the event in Telugu with a roaring applause from the audience. “Director Venu worked really hard for the film and I pray that he succeeds. There was so much I learnt from Bhumika madam. She’s a great actor and a good human being. I hope she continues to do more films. I also thank my producers Raju and Sirish for keeping me comfortable throughout the course of the shoot. Finally, I need thank the fans for accepting me as their daughter,” Sai Pallavi said during her speech at the event.

Producer Dil Raju, who is on a roll this year, with most of his produced films becoming success, said that he is looking forward to make it a double hattrick with MCA since 5 of his previous productions have been hit. “We’re hoping to score a double hat-trick. No other banner has produced and released so many films in a single year and has been successful. Both Nani and Pallavi agreed to be part of MCA while they were shooting for their last films. Both of them are natural performers and I’m sure audiences will love to see them on screen,” Raju said.

While Nani is the hero, I truly believe Pallavi has a crucial part to play too. She’s one of the pillars along with Bhumika and Vijay. Every household will have a sister-in-law. MCA explores the relationship between a sister-in-law, her husband and her brother-in-law. Everybody who has seen the film has been in awe of Bhumika’s performance. I feel this will be a very strong comeback for her,” Dil Raju said further.

Speaking about the competition the film may face from Akhil Akkineni’s HELLO, Raju says that there will be nothing as such and both the films will do well. “I don’t think there’ll be any competition between MCA and Hello. I believe both the films can do well. If theatres can accommodate 4-5 films releasing during Sankranti festival every year, I don’t think there’ll be any problems to have two films release together during any week. I saw the visuals of Hello, and they look very rich. I wish both the films succeed,” Dil Raju said speaking about HELLO. Akhil Akkineni’s HELLO is hitting the screens on December, just a day after MCA releases worldwide. HELLO is directed by Vikram K Kumar and is produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna.

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