Nara Rohit to play a speech-impaired character in his next

Nara Ronit will be playing a speech-challenged character in what is going to be the 18th film of his career.

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Nara Rohit to play a speech-impaired character in his next

Nara Rohit

There can be no denying that 2017 was not a particularly good year for actor Nara Rohit. He tried his hand at out and out commercial cinema with Balakrishnudu, however the results were not as good as expected. Directed by Pavan Mallela, the film was an action-entertainer and featured the young star in a new avatar. Upon release, it underperformed at the box office and received mixed reviews from critics. While talking about the film, he had said that he took it up as he felt that it had a good team and a competent young director.

“Actor Ajay has suggested me the name of his friend Pavan at the time of Savitri film. Pawan and writer Raja came together to narrate story. Pavan narrated me the action part and Raja narrated the entertainment part. After doing so many content oriented films, I understood aspects like character drive and story arch. After listening to 15 minutes of the story, I stopped thinking about characters and story and started enjoying the narration. I assessed that Pavan can handle the film. He made sure that he took experienced technicians like Vijay C Kumar (Cinematography), Mani Sharma (Music) and Chanti (Editing) and delivered a nice movie,” he had told a leading website.

With 2017 in the rearview, Nara Rohit is set to get things back on track. He is all set to play the role of a speech-impaired man in a film to be directed by PB Manjunath and produced by Narayana Rao Atluri. It will be the 18th film of his young career and will be formally launched on the auspicious occasion of Udagi. Its story and dialogues will be penned by Vamsi Rajesh while the music will be composed by Vikas Kurumella. It goes without saying that this could serve as a big opportunity for Nara Rohit to showcase his range as an actor and we wish him good luck

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