Parents’ rivalry with a top star affecting this star kid’s debut film?

Apparently, the casting team could not present her profile to the producers of a top actor's upcoming film due to the rift.

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Parents' rivalry with a top star affecting this star kid's debut film

Reports are doing rounds in Tollywood that a star kid is making an entry into films and has been preparing very hard for a long time now. Besides learning acting, this young lady has been honing her dance skills too and has been practicing it for a long time now. Reports are also doing rounds that she might be roped in for a Tamil film and that might be her debut film.

This star kid is also trying to give a try in Telugu cinema as well and has been approaching many filmmakers, and the trials have been good so far. Now, buzz is that that she was being considered for the female lead role of a top star’s upcoming in Telugu but the team handling the casting could not put forth her profile to the producer because of her parents’ rivalry with one of the top stars in the film industry.

Apparently, the two actors had a fall out in the past because of their political views and fan groups had manhandled the star after he spoke at a public gathering against the top actor. The actor couple were even chased by few groups when they returned to the city and they had to approach the police for protection after this incident.

Though the actors had met after few days of the incident and discussed about the incident, the rift seems to be an ongoing thing for their family. And rumours are rife that the daughter’s career is taking a hit because of this.


    These filmy big families behave like mafia and bully everyone around them. Why ruin someone’s career before it even started.


    Fans are nuts. Arrest them.


      Agree…as a fan you can enjoy their acting. I don’t understand these idiotic fans attacking other actors and their movies. Pathetic!


    Actor Rajsekhar and Chiranjeevi…It was unecessary of Rajsekhar to have made comments abt Cheeranjeevi….Anyways,if Rajsekhar has freedom of speech so does Cheeranjeevi if he do not wish to work with Rajsekhar or his family…


    Dr.Rajeshekar and Idiot chiranjeevi who is zero in political career. Surprised movie industry works like this, this rivalry is way years back why bring kids into this

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