Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai hits back after being trolled for expressing a desire to remarry

Renu Desai was trolled after she said that she might remarry somewhere down the line

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Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai hits back after being trolled for expressing a will to remarry

During a recent interview with a leading news channel, actor Pawan Kalyan’s wife Renu Desai spoke about her personal life and said that she plans to get remarried in the near future. For some reason, her comments did not go down well with PK’s fans and they trolled her in the cruellest way possible. Some of them even went to the extent of saying that she had lost their respect because of her comments. Things soon turned so ugly that Renu Desai was forced to break her silence on the matter.

In a hard-hitting Facebook post, she lashed out at her self-appointed brothers-in-law and said that such behaviour highlights the hypocrisy that is prevalent in society. She went on to add that such a mindset needs to change ASAP.

“This post is not about me personally, but when I read such comments, I wonder what sort of society we live in. How we live in the midst of men who have such mindset. I’m worried. On one hand, we are talking about gender equality, women empowerment, security from rapes, and on the other hand, I just expressed that I’ve been lonely for seven years now, and it would be good if I had a partner, for which I’m receiving these ‘hate messages’. In our society a man can do anything, and can marry any number of times, but it is a sin for a girl to even think about another relationship. Should a woman live alone for lifelong with the regret??? I pray to God today, I sincerely pray to God today that if the future of the girls should be good, women should raise their sons properly. At least then the mindset of men might change?” she added.

Well, this is a shocking situation and we hope that these trolls stop such behaviour immediately. PK and Renu Desai had parted ways in 2012 after being together for 3 years.


    These actors are heroes only on screen, off screen they are worse than thugs. But fans are blind and idiots.


    She should re-marry…he literally ruined her life. I never understood why she left her career and hometown for him. He never acknowledged her in public for so many years and the children now live with her in a small flat in mumbai. His fans still treat him like god..I just don’t get it!

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